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The Most Severe Sanction for a Doping Scandal

These Essenes were unlikely to see again anytime soon. As the world anti-doping agency has banned Russia for four years from global sports. It means there'll be no Russian team at the Olympics all football World Cup, no Russian national anthem or Russian flag. The country is

also forbidden from hosting or bidding for major events, this represents the most severe sanction yet for a doping scandal which shocked the world.

At the height of the deception, Russia's cheating was worthy of a Hollywood script dirty urine samples were passed through a hole in the wall, and swapped the clean ones sought you into Olympics in 2014. But this ban that pertains not to the doping itself, but the cover-up of the cover-up data handed over from this. Moscow laboratory to water investigators had been manipulated deleted and faked. These are the water executive members who decided on that punishment.

 The Most Severe Sanction for a Doping Scandal

"Where are you surprised to see such critical and the doping bethe deleted by the Russians, even after they'd promised to be compliant"?

The answer is yes surprised, I mean why would we place an offer before the Russian authorities to break the deadlock, that existed between Wada and Russia. The assumption was that we were waiting entirely for Russia to accept the mclaren report.


Russian athletes competed as neutrals at the Rio Olympics in 2016, and were welcomed back into the international fold before this new act of deception.


In Lisanna, at the home of the International Olympic Committee, and just behind me you can see

the countdown clock ticking down for the Tokyo Olympics. There are now 227 days to go. But as it stands there will be no Russian team there, although some athletes may compete under a neutral banner. At home, the ban was welcomed by scores of British athletes cheated out of medals by Russians. The Great Britain bobsleigh team was presented with Devil's medal from Sochi last month five years after the event.

“We definitely missed out I mean when we first found out all of this went on it. There was definitely some anger and disappointment towards the whole event, but eventually it just sort of turned out that, he dragged out so long we were just relieved to get hold of the medal, and it hasn't sort of left my side since we still got it here, and we're trying to work out what we're doing with it now, and making the most of it.”

This isn't a blanket ban on Russian athletes but storm that still feel a sense of persecution If we all want to play fair and stand against doping, then we should deal with this problem together, otherwise some countries get sanctioned for the use of doping whilst others don't.

Six years after the first evidence of widespread cheating in Russia, and the deception continues, but with the country likely to appeal this decision, the ban is not the end of the story.

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