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How to apply foundation without sweating or drying out

How to apply foundation without sweating or drying out

Even if you have perfected your make-up, by evening, you may find yourself saying, "My foundation is still wet... Have you ever had a sad experience? Everyone has experienced foundation sagging at least once. The main causes are sweat, oil and dryness. We have compiled useful information on how to apply foundation without smudging and how to fix your makeup. Delivered to you...

We analyzed the problem of foundation warping, which is a major concern for everyone, and showed how to apply it "without warping". Bring it to you!

What do you mean by "foundation smudging"?

Do you know what "foundation smudging" is all about?

Over time, the secreted oil and sebum can cause the foundation to accumulate in the folds of the wrinkles. This is the condition where the foundation has been stored in the pores and grooves of the skin.

In addition, the foundation can also become powdery as it dries and accumulates in the pores and creases. It's called "smudging" in the same way.

What are the three most common causes of foundation smudging?

The three main causes of foundation smudging are sweat, sebum, and dryness. The causes vary depending on the season and your skin type.

Of course, if the cause changes, the countermeasure will also change, so first of all, make sure your foundation is working properly. Let's find out what's causing the twist!


Sweat is the main cause of hot spring and summer seasons and those who sweat or get nervous easily.

Even if you've worked hard, your makeup will wash off with perspiration and accumulate in the folds of the lines.


The main cause of oily skin is sebum.

Skin that produces a lot of sebum and tends to be sticky is not a good match for liquid foundation. The foundation tends to accumulate in the pores of the sebum.


Dryness is the main cause of lack of moisture.

If your skin tends to be flaky and powdery and dry, even though it's not winter, powder foundation is even more. There is a risk of powdery buildup. The powder may accumulate and create a linear pattern on the skin.

How to apply it without making it soggy: Take some time to let it settle in.

Once you know about "foundation sagging" and its causes, you may be wondering what you can do about it.

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Each cause of sagging varies, but in fact, there is an effective countermeasure for every cause! It's all about mastering how to apply the foundation without making it soggy. At the very least, remember this, and you will be able to create skin that is not afraid of staining.

If you apply the foundation before your skincare items and base are blended in, you'll end up with a slippery look. They fall apart so easily, so in between using each item, you can grab breakfast or a hair arrangement. The key is to give it time to settle into the skin thoroughly (about 5 to 10 minutes) a day?

In the dry fall and winter months, you can add a moisturizer to your spring and summer skincare routine, or you can adapt it to the season and your condition. It is important to choose the right items to use.

Morning skin care is an important time to get in touch with your skin. Let's give your skin the vitality it needs to work hard all day long.

Penetrate the beauty products while eating breakfast.

After your morning skin care routine, you need time to allow your skin care ingredients to penetrate and settle into your skin. Instead of applying primer or foundation right away, intersperse it with your breakfast. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to get beautiful from the inside out!

Use a good base for your skin depending on the season and skin type.

For spring and summer, choose a primer that prevents sweat and sebum loss.

In the spring and summer, makeup often falls off due to sweat and sebum, so choose a primer that will prevent this from happening.

In addition, it's important to choose an item that contains UV protection ingredients and provides sun protection at the same time.

Prima's primer is a popular primer that prevents foundation from staining due to sweat and sebum. The sebum-absorbing powder absorbs the sebum and repels it, so it prevents the foundation from being stained. It prevents the skin from becoming too dry.

In the fall and winter, a primer with moisturizing ingredients will help prevent dryness.

In the dry fall and winter months, use a primer with moisturizing ingredients to bring back your shine.

If you use a primer with moisturizing and glowing ingredients all over your face, you may find that even in winter, you're not able to keep your skin shiny. If you're in a situation like this, I recommend using it in parts of the body, such as in the dark circles under the eyes where they tend to dry out. Not only does it keep your skin moisturized, but it can also be used to tone up your skin.

It's as if the skin has an aura of light in it, and Excel's primer will give you an elegant, glowing skin. It contains moisturizing ingredients to keep the skin moisturized. You can use it not only as a makeup base but also as a highlighter over your makeup. Excellent 3-way to mix with liquid foundation to add shine.

Wait for it to settle while arranging hair and brushing.

After applying the primer, give it some time to settle in. In the meantime, you can use your time effectively by brushing or arranging your hair. Why not try the arrangement?

In addition to the three major causes of natural-looking foundation, there are many other surprisingly common reasons for using a thin layer of foundation. The cause of "foundation sagging" is a thick layer of foundation.

Some professionals say that the ideal amount of foundation is about half of the typical amount used, which is surprising! It is. However, there is little resistance to suddenly cutting the amount of foundation in half.

Let's start by reducing the amount a little bit. Just reducing the amount of foundation a little less than your usual foundation will make your foundation last differently. So try it out!

To finish, gently wipe the foundation in the grooves of the lines with a puff or your fingers. It's also important to adjust the amount of foundation you put on!