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Winter skin peeling dry how to do, do not remember to scratch with your hands!

The most common problem in winter is dry skin, not to mention itchy when scratched, especially when changing clothes will be particularly obvious, do you know why this is?

The skin is not simply dehydrated, but because the weather becomes colder after the temperature of the new metabolism of the skin are lowered, the secretions on the human epidermis can not be discharged properly, it will allow the epidermal layer of fat solidification. There is scientific research to prove that the fat consumption capacity of people in more than 30 degrees, once below this temperature, especially in winter when the temperature suddenly becomes cold, the fat will protect the epidermis and solidify. This phenomenon is most obvious in the elderly, because metabolism decreases with age, the skin respiratory system function will also be weakened, the skin dry a scratch therefore causing itching.


Do not scratch the itchy skin

The white surface of the skin is a protective film when the skin is dry, and many people itch for some reason to scratch the skin is easily stimulated, the more itchy you scratch, and so on, and not pay attention to the surface of the skin can cause chicken skin, melanin, skin roughness and other conditions. As the subcutaneous surface originally has a layer of peripheral nerves, the comfortable feeling of scratching overrides the itching and is replaced by pain, sometimes destroying the epidermal cells, so there is little effect in trying to care for the skin.

Pay attention to personal hygiene

Winter hydration is more important than normal hydration, and diet can also stimulate the skin, especially spicy food, it is recommended to eat less irritating food, diligent laundry to avoid bacterial growth. After taking a shower, it is recommended to apply some body lotion to effectively increase skin moistness and promote skin cell metabolism. Do not use too hot water to stimulate the skin will lead to dry skin after the shower, so that is the main reason why some people say that the more itchy after the shower.


Strengthen the body metabolism

The best way to avoid this is to exercise more during the day, once the metabolism of the person accelerates the dry skin will not be so obvious, usually also through the diet to replenish water, regularly rub skin care cream, no matter what season sunscreen must be done, so that the root cause to avoid dry skin in winter.


Dry skin has been bad? Why not try the following three methods.

Loofah has a soothing effect on itchy skin and can be mashed and applied to dry skin for a period of time to significantly improve it.

Cigarette ash is also useful for itchy skin. Mix it with some water in a container and apply it to the itchy skin area to stop the itch.

For acute itchy skin, you can try the medication first. It is recommended to wash it with salt water before using it, so that the effect can be absorbed more easily.

In addition to the above, we also need to adjust from the daily life, such as clothing, choose comfortable loose clothing to reduce friction with the skin stimulation, do not recommend bathing with soap, because the amount of alkali will lead to more dry skin, and skin care cream can make the skin more moist, it is recommended to wipe after the shower. Avoid eating fish and shrimp and other high-protein food, diet needs to be light, from the internal and external regulation, the problem can disappear from the root.