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Sommelier how to test sommelier to test which


A good sommelier should not only have wine tasting hong kong the basic general knowledge and professional skills of technical professional wine, but also need to understand the design of red wine fondue with dishes, have the aesthetic ability of red wine, have a rich appreciation of the basic skills of wine, understand the provisions of red wine acquisition, good at managing the method wine kiln. How to become a sommelier? Let's take a look at how the sommelier is tested.
Sommelier how to test sommelier to test which

Can participate in the ISG sommelier 5g nb certification exam, ISG junior course content suitable for the red wine field personnel, novice entry level preferences for red wine, cigar smoke, freshly ground coffee white collar class, high-end people.

The specific content involves the color, hk mtr aroma, taste and basic terminology of red wine, distinguish each cultivation zone grape varieties and red wine characteristics, understand wine labels, grasp the basic methods of wine and hot pot with dishes and their service skills, understand the basics of red wine acquisition and wine management methods practical work experience, capture the taste of red wine links in the key points of subtle experience.
Become a sommelier must be a long basic theory and the actual accumulation of the whole process. In fact, there is no line of work is very easy, anything to try hard to have access to, we all have to fight for the betterment of their own purposes. However, you also need to pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of time Oh.