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Safety precautions on the highway


Rear-end collisions are common at expressway entrances.

There’s the possibility of being rear-ended by traffic behind you, and, if your attention is too focused on expressway traffic,you could rear-end a vehicle in front of you in the merge lane.

Here’s how to minimize your risk of rear-end collisions:Check expressway traffic to decide if you need to slow down or stop at the point immediately before the entrance of the merge lane.Keep in mind that the decision could be made for you by the driver ahead of you.

If you’re not entirely sure if you’ll have to slow down or stop, touch your brakes lightly to alert drivers behind that you may have to do so.

The place to stop is just before the entrance of the merge lane.

Use the merge lane to match your speed with expressway traffic,so you can merge without having to stop.Keep plenty of space between you and the vehicle ahead, so you have time to stop in an emergency.If you stop at the end of the entrance lane, you increase the risk of being struck from behind.

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