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Animal health care worker


My name is Cynthia and I work as a kennel hand at Waglands Dogs’ Holiday Grooming Retreat.So a typical day would be starting at 7.30am,getting the dogs out into their playgroups,into the yards so that they can toilet, andplay and have a good time for the morning.

So while they’re doing that we are backin the kennels and we’re doing all the cleaning.So we’re cleaning up all the poos and wees and checking bedding, making sure that everythingis clean and dry, refreshing water.We’ll pooper scoop.

So once all the dogs come back in, we go backout and make sure the yards are clean,and then we start all over again.It’s a noisy environment, so we need tobe able to manage that.The more trustworthy and reliable and hardworking you are, the more responsibility you’re givenand you can move on to different thingswithin the business.

You have to be really dedicated and committedto the dogs and to their welfare,looking after them.So sometimes you have to be a quick thinkerin that not all dogs like each other.It’s good to be able to read the signs andto step in, and think quickly,change the situation before it escalates.So that’s really important, whether that’staking a particular dog out of the yard,putting a dog into time out or just making sure they’re all getting on well.

Not every dog initially is going to be happyto be in this environment,particularly if they’re a new dog.So you have to be quite patient, and learnto get to know the dogs as individualsand what they like and what they don’t like.I come from a background of working with animals.I have worked in a pet shop.

I’ve always had lots of animals at home,and I’ve done some volunteer work for the SPCA,so I had a good general background.Have as much to do with animals as you can.Working for the SPCA, or HUHA or the zoo,whatever it is that interests you.We all love dogs.Everybody who works here loves dogs.It is a big part of our day, having cuddles.Sometimes we quite often say, when mum anddad come to pick the dogs up,“We’ll keep her if you like!”

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