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What's a good way to "blister your mouth" in winter?


When many people are stressed and tired, there will be a few small blisters in the corners of their mouths. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks this is a manifestation of anger, while Western medicine thinks it is viral herpes caused by a virus infection.Especially in winter, dryness and dryness make people more prone to dry lips. In addition, diet is too fine, vegetables and fruits are eaten too little, and riboflavin is inadequate. If you still lick your lips often, it is more likely to cause infection and the corners of your mouth Inflammation.[Bubbles on mouth] What should I do? 

It will heal itself in about 10 days.If your own immune system is good, the bubbles in the corner of your mouth will usually heal in about 7-10 days. If they are torn, it will cause bacterial infection, which will be slower.Therefore, when the corner of the mouth is blistering, do not feel itchy and then pull it with your hands, or lick the ulcer frequently, this will only extend the healing time.2. Taking medication. Slightly more serious mouth infections, oral antiviral drugs can be used.If it is a rotten mouth caused by bacteria, you can generally use external anti-infective drugs, such as rubbing with erythromycin ointment, while taking oral broad-spectrum antibiotics, penicillin V potassium tablets, sulfa drugs, spiramycin and so on.
If it is caused by fungus, it should be cleaned and wiped dry with nystatin solution, and then coated with nystatin, clotrimazole, miconazole, etc.3. [Homemade cucumber cream].Cucumber cream is sweet, salty, and cool in nature. It absorbs the heat-clearing and detoxifying properties of cucumber, and the heat-reducing and swelling of Glauber's salt. It has the functions of clearing heat and clearing eyes, reducing swelling and pain.△ Method: Take one piece of old cucumber, cut off a small piece, remove 10 grams of Glauber's salt after removing the melon, and then cover the small piece again and put it in a cool and ventilated place.After 5 days, remove the hoar frost attached to the surface of the cucumber, and use it for grinding.When the corner of the mouth is blistering, apply it to the affected area 3 or 4 times a day until healed.How to prevent recurrence? 
1. Rules of life.Ensure sleep time, eat more fresh vegetables, supplement various vitamins, and drink plenty of water to enhance the body's immunity and prevent the occurrence of herpes.
2. Strengthen oral hygiene.Rinse your mouth with fresh salt water after eating, rinse your teeth with salt water before going to bed, and mouthwash works well. Be careful not to eat after brushing.At the same time, pharmacotherapy changed the toothbrush to avoid the virus residue on the toothbrush, which caused multiple herpes.
3. Pay attention to your diet.Avoid foods rich in spermine, such as chocolate, cola, peas, coriander cereals, peanuts, cashews, beer, etc.You can eat more foods rich in B vitamins, such as animal liver, lean meat, poultry eggs, milk, soy products, carrots, fresh green leafy vegetables and so on.
4. Strengthen exercise.Exercise can strengthen the immune system, relax the mood, avoid tension and relieve stress, and help prevent the recurrence of herpes simplex.

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