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Gunshot baby


[Baby giggle]It's a gun infant.BABY.There are guns.I want to call the police.They hung up.It's a gun infant.Sedative food.It's just sugar.Oh, it's a gun baby!Babies ... and ... gunsWho sent you? Isn't it Brian? I'll buy him a new headscarf.Does my insurance cover infants with guns?Oh, really?Get out.How about we trade?I give you, you give me.

Now, this is not ....I'm really stupid.Ha ha. This is not good, is it? No, hey?I am a man with a gun. Who are you? You are a baby with a gun. you are nothing.Sorry, it was just too fierce.You are not worth it. You are still young. Just look at mine.You are not worth it. You are still young. Accept it.Oh, now it's a double gun baby.Where is the baby? At this! Why don't you leave?Get out of my house!I'm hiding in the refrigerator nowYou know, I kind of hope he shot me.So when God asks "Hi Tom, how did you die?"

I could be like "Oh, I don't know, God, maybe I was shotKilled by a baby with a gun. "[Baby laughs] [Tom]: Don't laugh at me.you are sick. You are a sick gun baby.Yes. Not easy, is it? !! Not easy to hit the moving target!You have to leave.[Baby giggle][Door Guy behind] Oh, look at this baby, no, it has a gun![Gunshot]I have to move.[Baby laughs]

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