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The result of a man losing his hair for a month!


Hi guys. My name is Moa.I really hated my body hair.Especially my beard.I used to go to a hair removal salon.I stopped going to the salon just before I moved to Canada the  last time.Until that time, I used to go there for three years.I couldn’t grow out my beard so much at that time.I used to shave my beard once every two or three weeks,but recently my beard grew when I didn’t shave for a week.I’m going to try to not shave my beard for a month, then my bread will grow out so much.

I want to see how much my beard grows if I don’t shave for 1 month.I will take a picture everyday and I want to see how it goes.I shaved my beard today.When I went to a hair removal salon, I had hair here and here.I didn’t have hair here, but I had a mustache.Now, like this.Start 30 days challenge.Everybody, please watch my beard instead of my face.I grew out my beard for 20 days.Now is...There is no hair in the middle.It’s kind of thick here, and the other side is sparse.Mustache didn’t grow out at all.It didn’t grow out around here.It’s beautiful.I grew out my beard for 30 days.Now it is like this.Kind of thick on the left side.It didn’t grow out so much on the right side.Almost no hair in the middle.Both ends of the mouth have a little bit hair but mustache didn’t grow out at all.It’s beautiful.I really want to shave my bread at 3 weeks,so I’m going to shave it now.I’m shaving now.

I shaved.How was this video ?Please let me know if you have some 30 day challenges that you want me to try.And which one looks better with bread or no beard ?Please write comments down below.I’m really looking forward to seeing your opinions.If you like this video, don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment down below.Thank you guys so much for watching.I’ll see you guys next time. Bye-bye.

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