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Revive grass repair mask


Hello everyone! I'm Nico.LA's winter is extremely dry.And for girls like me who have dry skin, it's hard to survive without a super moisturizing face mask.So today, I want to recommend to everyone a super moisturizing mask that is so popular in Japan.It is this, Moist Cream Mask Pro. by BB Laboratories.This mask is created by the same company that was well known for their Placenta Masks.It's main component is a plant that will revive your skin and some of the technology found in the placenta masks.With these components, it can hydrate your skin cells giving it more moisture than ever.Its scent is herbal.Its texture looks like this, a creamy white.The texture itself is very easy to spread.I'll demonstrate for you on my hand.This kind of mask does not require a thick layer.

Its selling point is that when you first put it on your face like I am doing it right now, it's white.After 10-20 minutes, it will become clear like oil.And the dryer parts of your skin will make it more clear than other parts.So it's pretty magical.And now, it's passed 20 minutes.You can see that the mask that was on my face has changed its color.This means that my skin was lacking a lot of moisture.I just washed the mask offThe moisturizing effect is really prominent.My skin feels really moisturized right now.And its brightening effect is also there.This specific mask, I've actually used it for a while now.If you want to find a mask that can moisturize your skin, I really recommend this one.

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