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My birthday party mom bought the Jedi survival PUBG cake!!!


Now it is 10:40AM.And I first come and take my cake!OMG!I want to take you home already!Now I arrived at the KTV's Boss Room.My two friends has arrived.Very big. And then,My parents are decorating the room with some banners.Then, I am playing snooker with my friends.My friends are not bad at snooker.I'm going to try playing also!CHANEL MUM: You finally came!(FRIENDS TALKING)Come! HI!(CHIT-CHATTING)(SINGS BIRTHDAY SONG)(SINGS MANDARIN BIRTHDAY SONG)(SINGS BAHASA MALAYSIA BIRTHDAY SONG)(MORE CHIT-CHATTING)My hand has chocolate on it!

I want to eat which one?Why do you need to open until so hard?We're all same class friends for many years.Our relationship are like brothers and sisters and with our family.(STILL CHIT-CHATTING)Your birthday you need to eat first!Yummmm!!Now dividing the cake!Lixin is so professional!Three OPPA!

Four girls! (One at the back)KARAOKE TIME!FIRST TIME OPENING A CAKE LIKE THIS!(TALKING TO HERSELF??)(TALKING)The boys are playing snooker.I also want to play.....Photo x2Then,Is this the present from the boys?Still got 2 presents on the car. We want to take it down now.See they play snooker like very happy.I also want!

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