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Teach you to make pearl milk tea by yourself, and eat more safely


Pour 120ml of water into the pot, 60g of brown sugarOpen a small fire and stir with chopsticksUntil the sugar meltsBrown sugar can be chocolate or roseOr your favorite tasteToday, I will share with you the practice of "pearl milk tea".It has melted nowQuickly put 150g "cassava flour"If it is too dry, add a small amount of water to 100 degrees Celsius.

If you let cool water, the dough can't be formed.Stir in this state, you can put it on the panel, your hands will be smoothBe careful during the process, the dough temperature is relatively highIt’s just fine, it’s smooth, it’s not sticky.搓 Growth bar, divided into threeThree copies are respectively slivered into sliversThen, cut into small squaresSprinkle some tapioca to prevent sticking togetherRound into a ballLike in my hand, it’s ok.Master your own size, like it yourself.Pearl is now readyPour three times the water into the potThe fire is boiledAfter the water is opened, put in pearls and cook for 20 minutes.Stir to prevent adhesionDo not add water in the middle, so the pearl will be cooked in the middle.Time is up, try one.It’s transparentRemove and rinse with cold waterIn doing so, it is flexible to eat.If everyone wants to make the pearl blackWhen cooking brown sugar, you can put some dark chocolate.Prepare a clean pot, put 50g of water, 5g of black teaCook over low heat, know that the water is boilingTurn off the fire, cover it, 焖 5 minutesAfter five minutes, pour 250ml of milk, 20g of sugarBoil the fire, stir the chopsticks, and know that the sugar melts.

Turn off the firePut pearls in the cupFilter the cool milk tea and pour it into the cupPearl milk tea, it’s done now.Is there no difference from selling?Put some ice cubes more deliciousPut in the straw

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