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10 worries about myopia


Oh sh * t!Sh * t, I did n’t bring my glasses.Don't tell me you're going to get itAll the sauce is comingOops, it ’s not like watching a 240p movie.Hey! where are you goingWCMen's toilet!Hey, look at that new storeWhich one?Cheap sauce?Come and seeWhatThat big box, only RM149YesClam? 149?14? 749What 149?Are your glasses fake?Oh, do n’t put your glasses onYou can't find it laterOops, it doesn't matterIt's not impossible to find.Whatever you want.My glasses ?!Who told you to let it go, lookLook it up, oops, look it upOops, really, I just told you not to mess around.No grin, where did you put it just now.

 You told me about that thing then. What did you tell me at that time?How long have you been waiting for my glasses?clam?!Waiting for a week ?!Life without glasses.My life is like tarnish.Lose color.Everything is foggy.Let me once.Want to end this disgraceful lifeso, thank you for watching this episode anyway10 types of troubles with glassesso ...10 types of myopia (troubleshooting)so i will create a new series.All about the "10 kinds" of videos.If you are very interested in this video.Do n’t forget to share it with your friends who wear glasses.If you are ...If you are interested in the clothes I wear in the video.I will put the link of this dress on the profile bar.You can click in and buy it.This is the last video of 2016If you like this video.Do n’t forget to like it and share it with your friends.

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