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Very dull exercise to prevent flat feet & hallux valgus


(Hello)  Hello.(The cat is angry, but are you okay Kisaki?)She's bored to shoot and angry.(This is the fourth exercise for the toes in December.What do you do today?)Muscle training to improve flat feet and hallux valgus. I will do the necessary muscle training for the plantar muscles.(Okay. I think it was a massage last time,this time is muscle training, right? ) After all, just massageis missing strength. We want to gain strength.(Making strengthcan improve flat feet and hallux valgus or prevent from worsening,right?Okay, please tell us) Sure.First prepare a towel at home.I have prepared todayis a hand towel.I'll use this, but break it in half.Try to fold this further, and turn like thisMake a cylinder. Put thisunder your sole.So,What I want to train today is plantar muscles. Use the muscles to grip.Not just move your finger.Since the muscle training of the plantar muscles is included, it does not stay only with fingers' movement.I'm grabbing now. What is grabbing what?I'm trying to grab a towel on the soles of my feet. I named them "Gripping bones" here.1 2 3 4 5 pieces. They're out.In hand, this.1 2 34 5 pieces. Just like hand bones come out.Grip and release.Grip and release.First, exhale and grip.

It ’s like them in hand.These bones.Let's do this 20 times.(As you said, it seems that you are not just bending your toes. ) I agree. I also use the plantar muscles.We usually make a fist by hand.If you are going to make a fist with the soles of your feet, you can use it well.Not only move your fingers, but also use all the muscles of your feet.Do it 20 times slowly.The faster one looks like this.Gip and release. Grip and release. Grip and release.Gip and releaseGip and releaseIt's pretty hard.The slow one is 20 times.Faster one is 10 times.The last will be more paced up.Good? Gip and release.Grip and release. Grip and release. Grip and release. Grip and release. 10 times.This is very frustrating.I'm so frustrated, but after that ...It ’s getting warmer.Not only just my toe,All the solemuscles were used.I feel both used and stretched.So if you walk after doing this, you will feel your feet free in the shoes.What is it?I think your feet are alive in the shoes.Make sure to do this for both legs.(Does this prevent flat feet and hallux valgus?)Since the arches are disappearing, I think you can prevent the arches on the soles from collapsing.(Is it about once a day?)I would be happy if you remember once a day!

(Understood.Is it almost done today? ) I agree.I'm going to do something that will convey this to the whole body next time, but I think you could remember just this today.(Thank you again) Thank you. (See you next time)I'll be waiting.

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