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Summer eczema ridden, 2 foods to help you eat moisture, eczema extinction


Summer eczema ridden, 2 foods to help you eat moisture, eczema extinctionAs soon as summer arrives, some people are happy and sad. The good thing is that they can finally take out the beautiful summer clothes that are pressed against the bottom of the box. The sad thing is that the eczema is growing again, and its effect is beautiful, and itchy.Eczema as an allergic inflammatory skin disease, its formation is related to a variety of factors such as: allergenic substances pollen, dust, etc .Disease factors such as endocrine disorders; climate factors such as hot and humid. Eczema often manifests as severe itching, erythema, pimples, and pustules.

In the summer, eczema develops. In addition to avoiding alcohol, eating spicy food, and maintaining hygiene, you can also use food therapy to help improve it. May wish to try these 2 kinds of food treatments commonly used to treat eczema, can help you eat dehumidification, eczema extinction.

1. Poria millet porridge; Ingredients: 80 grams of millet, 100 grams of millet, 30 grams of Poria cocos; Method: Soak the rice 3 hours in advance. After all the ingredients are washed, add water to the pot, then add all the ingredients and cook together 50 minutes, once a day.Efficacy: Lumilia water reduces swelling, spleen and dampness; Xiaomi supplements the spleen and stomach, clears heat and quenches thirst; Tu Fuling detoxifies, diuretic. It can detoxify the body and improve eczema and pus.

2. Indica barley tea: Ingredients: 8 grams each of barley kernel, barberry, red beans, purslane, light bamboo leaves, locust rice, and green tea;Method: Soak the rice and scallion 3 hours in advance. After washing all the ingredients, mash them (in order to exert the effect of the ingredients),Add water and simmer for 40 minutes. Drink juice and drink 1-2 times a day. If you do n’t know how to do it yourself, you can choose some convenient tea bags to brew with boiling water.

Efficacy: Barley clears heat and dampness, lung pus discharge, spleen and stomach, strong bones and bones; Zhishi Jianpi spleen and dampness, Buzhong Yiqi; Chixiaodou clearing heat, dampness and swelling, detoxification and purulent discharge; Other ingredients can also play a role in clearing heat and detoxification. It can clear heat and dehumidify, strengthen the spleen and stomach, reduce swelling and pus, remove moisture, and improve eczema.

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