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Baby has become porcelain teeth again?


Baby has become porcelain teeth again, has been unable to close his mouth, netizens: Xiaoming made her into Zhao Wei?Baby is definitely one of the most talked about female entertainers in the entertainment industry right now. The topic about her has never stopped. Recently, baby also said on Twitter that he tweeted out his picture. The baby in the picture was riding a bicycle and sending moon cakes, laughing. Is extremely happy, and the smile is super bright and cute.Netizens who know about baby also know that baby's teeth have been plasticized before, and baby has never acknowledged plastic surgery, but she has never denied that the teeth have been plasticized, because the teeth did have a lot of defects. After the teeth were completely changed, the baby was completely replaced. Like a person, Yan value is against the sky.

I do n’t know why baby is still dissatisfied with his little tiger teeth. I really do n’t know why baby got a set of porcelain teeth. This kind of baby is a bit like a Korean fan, or it is not like an old-fashioned baby at all. Instead, look. It's embarrassing to look at this mouth.In the interview, baby always smiled awkwardly, some netizens commented: porcelain teeth feel mouth closed, talking can't open mouth ... Now baby is in this state, I always feel like I can't close my mouth.Closing the mouth of the baby, the mouth has become like this picture, completely muttered, even stranger than opening the mouth! .When the baby was interviewed, everyone paid attention to the baby on the side. With this hairstyle, does it look like a certain star, anyway, it is completely out of touch with the old and strange baby, anyway, I really do n’t know why it ’s so hard? .Let ’s just say how it looks like a star. It turned out to be similar to Huang Xiaoming ’s crush, Zhao Wei. Zhao Wei ’s teeth and baby ’s teeth seemed to be made from a mold. The baby could n’t close her mouth, and it looked more like Zhao Wei.

No wonder netizens have commented this way: Xiaoming made Yang Ying a new version of Zhao Wei.When Huang Xiaoming first met Zhao Wei, she fell in love with Zhao Wei, but Zhao Wei never liked Huang Xiaoming, so Zhao Wei did not give Huang Xiaoming a chance.The little tiger teeth of baby used to look pretty, but it was playful with a smile, but now it's uncomfortable to look at it that way.Looking at the current porcelain teeth of baby, do you think it looks better or ugly? .

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