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How does collagen supplements work?


[Announcer] How docollagen supplements work?Collagen is the glue thatholds your body together.It's the most abundantprotein in your body.It lines your joints, supports your bones,and plumps up your skin.So, yeah, it's kind of important.Collagen supplements can reduce wrinkles,support your joints,and fight the effectsof aging on your skin.Do they really work?Science says yes.You produce collagenevery day, even right now.But after the age of 25 collagen production slows down,leading to the usual signs of aging like wrinkles, saggingskin, and sore joints.You can get collagen from sources like bone broth and organ meats.But spending hours slow-cooking bones?Nobody has time for that.Collagen peptides make it easyto get protein thatbenefits your entire body.Here's how they work.Fibroblasts are specializedcells in your bodythat produce collagen.They need buildingblocks called amino acids to make the magic happen.Hydrolyzed collagen,aka collagen peptides,is an ultra-efficient wayto give your fibroblastsplenty of amino acids.

Hydrolyzed collagen is already broken downso it's easier for yourbody to absorb and use.Happy fibroblasts equals more collagenequals more elasticity inyour skin, stronger bones,and flexible joints.Your body uses collagen in tons of ways.With your skin, it smoothes wrinkles,increases hydration,supports skin elasticity.For your hair and nails,a diet rich in collagen and the amino acid cysteinefrom high-protein foodspromotes faster, thickerhair and nail growth.In your joints, it helpsrelieve sore joints,strengthens joints, andhelps with flexibility.And in your bones, it strengthensand helps build bones.Collagen peptides can be mixedinto your favorite drinkslike Bulletproof coffee.It's available in flavoredand unflavored forms,so it's easy to add into yourdiet without breaking a sweat.Bone broth takes forever and organ meat is not pretty,but collagen peptides are fast and easy.You deserve to feel your absolute best.Add collagen to your diet so you can feel awesomefrom the inside out.

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