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Pro Creator - latte art


This tutorial will show you how to prepare Latte Art creations with your new Creatista Pro machine.Fill the water tank with fresh potable water and turn the machine ONby pressing the power button.Lift the lever, insert a capsule and close the lever.First, fill your milk jug between the Minimun and Maximum signs.You will find our recommended milk volumes for each recipe in the user manual.Then, put the milk jug in position and make sureit is positioned on the sensor.Push to unlock the cup supportand place a cappuccino cup under the coffee outlet.Swipe up or down to navigate and tap to select the Flat White preparation.Then, tap to start.Coffee extraction and Milk texturing are now happening simultaneously. **Simultaneous coffee extraction & milk texturing only available on 220-240V machines.When the process is finished, take your cup and jugand wipe the steam wand immediately after usewith a clean, damp cloth.

Then release it to auto rinse.Pour the milk near the upper border of the cup,from a rather elevated position.It is important to keep a constant pace: not too slow, not too fast.When the cup is about half full, bring the jug closer to itand start making quick and short left/right movements.Then, when you start seeing the Rosetta shape appear,start moving the jug backwards.Once you reach the opposite border of the cup,lift the jug and make a line all across the rosetta to finish. Enjoy!Slowly start pouring the milk in the middle of the cupfrom a rather elevated position.When the cup is 3/4 full, stop pouring the milk.Bring the milk jug closer and place a first circle in the middle.Place a second one next to the first one.When placing the third one, continue your movementwith a line across the 3 circles to create a beautiful tulip. Enjoy!Slowly start pouring the milk in the middle of the cupfrom a rather elevated position.While pouring, swing your hand in circles.When the cup is 3/4 full bring the milk jug closer to form a circle in the middle of the cup.Then bring the milk jug back up and across the create a heart. Enjoy!

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