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How to make a wood wall clock


A few days ago, the company sold several sycamore trees. I thought I had a few watch movements, so I asked for a piece of wood with the tree-cutting master to prepare a wall clock.Master Tree-Cut: OK? I can!Then write down and make a wall clock together.First look at the surface of this piece of wood.There are a lot of bumps.Obvious scars in this place

Next, we will finish the wood.Here I use the 100 angle grinder. Put on the sandbox .Then sanded with 40 mesh sandpaper.Personal protection must be done when sanding, and masks and goggles must be worn.It is best to use F clamps to fix the polished wood, because I lack the silver and I will do it with my bare hands.Don't go fast in the process, you must pay attention to safety. Polish carefully at the same time.Look at the pattern in the middle of the wood. Does it look like a combination of a shield, a sword and a spear? It's a pity that I can't carve and paint, I wasted this pattern.Polish both sides, and rough the back.

Next, change the 120 mesh sandpaper for sanding. The larger the number of sandpaper, the finer the sanding.The angle grinder switch was stuck and failed to turn on several times.This is very dusty. Be sure to choose a 3m mask.Simply grinding the corners is sufficient.Clear the bark belowCleaning the bark can be a bit laborious, and this step is best done with a chisel. Otherwise, I can't stand it.It finally cleared up, and it took me 10 minutes.Simply polishedClean up the sawdust and keep it useful later.This faint woody fragrance is just natural. Still healthy.The next step is to determine the position of the watch movement.Just draw an approximate location, the important thing center must lead you to find a good one.Here a 6mm drill bit is used for drilling.

Finally my turn to the beloved trimming machine!Don't lower the cutter head too deep at first, 3mm is enough.This is the first time I have used it, and it all smokes. Haha. This needs to be moved.Here the trimming machine acts as a milling cutter.Gradually adjust the depth of the cutter head to achieve the effect we want. Don't be too greedy, or it will be dangerous.8mm drill is used now to expand the drilling.Now this depth is almost the same.

It is enough to make another recess for fixing the nut.Fix the nut and lock the movement.Now make a fixing hole when hanging.Opened 3 times before openingIt's oiled, and the varnish is too strong.Used toilet paper.

The annual rings are not very obvious, there is a chance to make pine wood for everyone.Just put on the battery.You're done.

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