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[huang armagh harem life] went out of the house for the night!

[huang armagh harem life] went out of the house for the night!

It's their last meal here before moving!The first half of today's episode is filmed at our old house~Soso(Socles)come out!Do you know what she's doing now?She's feeding them their last meal here!Lulu, you eat too!We are packing up our stuff for moving!Why not you just eat here instead?We will continue to pack up this area.Wow! Soso's eating her food hereJudy, why aren't you eating?Are you sad that we're moving?Clyster, come and eat your food!He's gone~He went back to his favourite spot...YUZU: What are you all doing??Yuzu, we're moving!Do you know that?YUZU: Remember to bring my stuffed toy there!!YUZU: You hear that!?Host: Sure~

We have lots of stuff to pack up...Here are all the boxes that will moved to our new home!Zhiming is washing the sandbox now(LULU STARING BLANKLY)What are you doing?I'm washing the sandboxes...We must wash all of them before moving.There's still so many left to wash!Now, we're packing the cats up!We're bringing them to Lemon's house!Going there to play~LULU: WHO'S LEMON!?quick! cover,cover,coverCareful of the tail!LULU: HELPPPP!! SAVE ME!!We're going to a new house now!Going to lemon's house...judy, three legs come, go inCat: Am I going to be imprisoned forever?Host:You will be out in awhile!A-maLULU:Finally caught A-ma!(lulu and ama are each other's arch-nemesis.)Lulu please wait!LULU: A-ma's so BIGGGG!A-ma, we're leaving this place forever~A-ma: Are you going to sell me off??Host(Limao):

We're going to lemon's house for awhile before going to our new place!careful~Yuzu, where did you go?He's at the backyard!Will he be upstairs?Possibly...Is he up there?Yup, he's hereClyster's here too!go in~ok close it!its ok its ok~let's go!Let's do a headcount!Yuzu and Clyster are here,(CATS:HELP!! SAVE US!)Judy and Three Legs are here,(CATS:HELP!! SAVE US! SO HUNGRY!)Who's that? SosoA-ma and LuluCat:(Let me gooooo!)They never stop meowing...ok, ok,we're leaving soon!(Non-stop meowing)A-ma: I'm so hungry!(HELP!)A-ma: Im so hungry that I become slimmer!A-ma,we're calling a cab now~See, I am calling a cab. But there's none available...

A-ma:Then walk there!We're going to Lemon's place for a few days... ok?cats: please hurry up!ok~A-ma: What are we waiting for???Nothing,it's ok...Lulu: They are waiting for you to become slimmer!LULULulu: You all can't get a cab!No one wants to drive us there!Yuzu, you can see Lemon in awhileLet's go~Cat:We got a cab?!Cat: There should be one?!Let's gooo!(Lots of stuff!)Cats: It's too squeezy!Cats:the lift will be overloaded...It's too squeezy for us!Cats: Someone's feet smell!Cats: OVERLOADED!!So squeezy. We are all hereCats: Smelly for real!We are all in one lift~(The lift is suddenly overloaded!)(Fortunately, the lift did not break down!)(We look like we are escaping from something)Because we live in a secluded area, its hard to get a cab...So,we decided to ride our bikes there!(REACHED!)Cats:Where are we??It's ok...ok let's go!We're reaching lemon's house!Is there room for us to get in?A-ma: Let me out!!!We have reachedcat: Are we at the restaurant?We're here!(This is mimi, lemon's roomate)Lemon(Lemon has grown up)

Title: Lemon looked like this in 2018Lemon saw A-ma!A-ma:Go to the side and play with catsand!Lemon!The last time I saw him,he was still very young.Yuzu is in this carrier.Let's let Lemon discover them(sniffing)(Walking backward for no reason)Lemon is very curious about the scent around here.We should let Lemon smell them first.Lemon doesn't want to play with A-ma!A-ma, Lemon is behind you!The lemon you were so fierce to.(ladies first)Come out and play!Three legs, you already lied down!Feeling relaxed already?Clyster is here.Look, Judy is half out of the carrier!Yes, she's still insideShe's still thinking(Judy froze)She's not coming out~She's stuck...Three legs already went there!Three legs! You are acting cute already!What happened to you?She likes to act cute!You are so happy over here!!A-ma: Let me out!!!Host:Lulu, we are at Lemon's house!(A-ma: When is it my turn to get out?)White:You came? Red:A-ma: Let me outttt!Lulu, you remember this place right?Lulu you remember this place right?You ran to your favourite spotLulu, we're at Lemon's house!Lulu, it's okayWhat did three legs do again?She's eating Uni's(Lemon's roomate) food!You are eating somebody else's food!Is it ok for her to eat Uni's food?(Better not!)Uni will be angry.Uni your food got eaten by somebody else!Will he go and hit her?No, he won't.He just ran past...I think it's better for her to not eat his foodShe just ate dinner...

You just had your dinner!You looked so nervous just now but you are relaxed nowLulu what are you doing?Are you investigating?Who should we let out next?Clyster? (A-ma:Let me out!)Not yet,A-ma.Clyster and Yuzu?Ok, Clyster and Yuzu(We opened the wrong side, they are facing away from the opened side)Let me open the other side.ClysterWe're at Lemon's house~The two of them are afraid to come out...The last time we came Yuzu was nervous at first tooClyster came out first!Why are they all looking over here?Yuzu!Yuzu: Where is this place?We're at Lemon's house!Yuzu: I came here before!Judy is checking the place outDid you see Lemon?He's exploring(WHO ARE YOU!?)(Lemon is angry)(Lemon:Why is there a wild cat in my house!)Ohno, Lemon is angryLemon, they will only be here for a few days...Yuzu, you still remember this place right?We came here last year, YuzuWho is still left in the carrier?A-ma...Socles is also not out yet! How can you forget about her?!Are they quarreling with each other?

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A-ma: I am not scared of him!You can come out when you feel like it...Soso is coming out!Soso, we're at Lemon's house!(Three legs passing by)Soso is under this furniture.(So dark)Three legs has been so relaxed ever since she came out of the carrierYuzu!(turn over)(Ohno! My belly is exposed!)Yuzu! What are you doing?What did you see?A-ma is still in the carrier!A-ma, it's your turn to come out!A-ma: I have waited for so long!A-ma has waited for so long..I think he needs to go to the toilet!A-ma, don't frighten Lemon away!Lemon, he's A-maYou two met before!He's busy nowLemon, are you rubbing against the floor?(rubbing against the floor)Yuzu!Catnip is a drug!Lemon is getting cranky...So is A-ma!Once A-ma comes here, he starts to sweep the floor!A-ma, what's happening to the both of you?!(Super excited)They're really excited!It's been a long time since I have seen A-ma like this.Lulu's over here!A-ma is hereI have discovered Judy's habitShe likes to be beside the purple crystal.Clyster is hereSocles is here!(Super dark)Socles is abit nervous.Three legs, where are you going?You're so busy!Your schedule is so packed! Rushing off to the next place?(lying down)Yuzu: Is it time to go home?You have to stay here for a few days, ok?Our new house will be ready in a few days! Until then!Yuzu: Quick, pat me!Yuzu: Don't stop!A-ma, what are you looking at?Are you looking at Socles?Stop disturbing herThis place is huge, stop looking for herSocles: Such a pervert(Socles dislikes A-ma to be around her)He's going to chase after her!Look at Socles! She's over there!Good girl, it's ok...it's ok!A-ma is lying on the floor!He is sniffing Lemon's butt!(Non stop sniffing)

A-ma:You are too skinny!You are still the same, being so fierce to Lemon like last timeA-ma, you are so fierce!A-ma: I'm teaching herLemon, you must be goodDon't be frightened!It's ok...Please get along well...I'm going off! bye(Cat slaves go to continue to move to the new house)(and will come to fetch them once the moving is finished)(Continuing from the last time....) We are now ready to bring the cats to the new house!Going to Lemon's house to fetch the cats!Where's Judy?Judy!Are Judy and Lemon good friends?Nope!!Judy, long time no see!!Judy: Hello!Judy: Who are you?Judy: Do I know you?Judy: oh, it's our slave!HI~Yuzu, long time no see!(Non-stop sniffing)Judy: Your hand smells!Lemon, are you close to Yuzu now?Yuzu!Yuzu: Yes, we're good friends!Oh, yea?Are they really good friends?Lemon: Yuzu, come over here!Lemon: Come fight!Three legs!I think she thinks that you are going to feed her medicine...Lemon, you two like the same things! (You two have the taste(flavour: direct translation) for the same things!)Yes(Lemon-Yuzu flavour!)Lulu!Come!I miss you!Lulu, come! I miss you!Lulu, so handsome!Lulu, we're going home!Look at LuluLulu, Were you homesick?Yes, look at his buttIt's so high up!He sure misses home!Is lemon bigger-sized than Yuzu?He has gotten really big!His body frame is a little larger than Yuzu's!(Leaping)Don't do that!LuluRaising your butt?omg!!Judy, what happened?

Nothing!!Three legs, hiding in the box?Lulu, what happened to you?Lulu is playing with the toy mouseJudy....Judy: Don't disturb me!What are you playing with?I will play with your bellyLied down!Yuzu~He seems happy staying hereYuzu seems to be very happy every time he comes to Lemon's houseEvery time he comes here, he doesn't 't want to leave.I heard he sprayed while he was hereDid you spray?How many times did you spray?Yuzu: too many times to count!(Hitting butt as punishment)Actually, he likes people to hit his butt....He thinks that it's a rewardHe went to grab that...Yuzu: Feels so good!Look at you...So chubby!Oh, he's raising his butt!A-ma cant be bothered with youA-ma what are you doing?Mimi is observing usMimi is the big sister of Lemon's house!She looks very sad.Lemon is 17 years old?Already 17 years oldWhat is A-ma doing

?A-ma climbed onto the table!A-ma doesn't care about me...He only cares about food...Lulu went to Hanhan!Yuzu I saw you playing with that!YuzuHe likes both the paper bag and the bird!Lemon bullied Clyster?Yup!Clyster is scared of Lemon?Lemon is so fierceA-ma!A-ma: Did you wash your hands?You are so nice to touch!A-ma: Are you a pervert?Three legs is taking a nap!We are looking for ClysterOh he's in the carrier!YupHe went into the carrier on his own!Clyster, what happened to you?Why are you hiding here?but while he's here, he would be out and screaming.Let's listen to what Clyster has to say!I am so bored!I am Clyster!Don't forget, it's ClysterWhere am I?Who am I?Where am I?Non-stop talking!We haven't seen Socles!Right, Socles!Soso isSo cute!Socles: Is it time to go home?Is it time to go home?Socles: Who are you....?Socles: Looks so familiar!Let me pat youSocles: Their scent is....Scared....Socles forgot about us....YuzuHow have you been?Yuzu: Not bad!Yuzu: quick, pat my butt!You quarreled with someoneWith lemon....

Yuzu: I did not!Zhiming:You did! Limao:Occasionally...Yuzu, we're going home!Lulu, what are you doing?A-maJudy...Only young cats would play with this!Old cats does not like to play with this...(Distracted)He's distracted...Don't be distracted, keep going!Look at him just patronising me...He does not feel like playing anymore...He does not want to play...A-ma's butt looks like totoro!So big!A-ma,come!Do you want to go to our new house?Lulu went in on his own....lulu...Lulu came out...Lulu wants us to pat himWill he bite? (lulu is known to be quite aggressive)He's so happy~We are going to our new house later...First time for you!You will be the first one to go back, along with Socles!And clyster!Yup, with clyster!The three of you can mark your territories first (?)Are you ready?Yuzu!You are in the second batch to go back!You are so playful, you can go anytime!Judy, you have to wait too!Judy is imitating A-ma!They are imitating each other!Judy is always beside A-ma!Yea, they are always together!Look at the girl you have taught!(Domineering!)You two have the same expression...Judy!Judy:So hungry!Are you hungry?Sleepy too...Judy:Stop playing with my tail!You will be going back later, the second batch!Yuzu, you are in the second batch to go back too!Judy too!Judy: I can't wait anymore!Are you complaining?She doesn't want to be in the second batch...She wants to be in the first batch...Clyster went inside the carrier on his own!Right, you are in the first batch too, ok?In our new home, there will be your favourite hiding spot too!You will be the first one to explore our new home!Socles is here! (Socles: Help!)Going to our new home~Socles: Quick, save me!yellow words: (Socles: I have been abducted by strangers!)A-ma:Please subscribe!(A-ma save me!)

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