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What kind of car is a smart car? How to define a smart car?

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In today's world, everything can get a high premium and considerable sales as long as the word "smart" is added to the promotion. There used to be smart phones followed by smart air conditioners and smart washing machines, and now there are even door locks, mops, and toys for children to play with, all using the term smart.

The automotive industry is certainly no exception. In the past year or two, we have seen many new cars advertise themselves as smart cars with great fanfare, but what standards must be met to be called a smart car? How exactly is a smart module defined? Is something like a smart car really an inevitable trend in the development of the automotive industry?

The core of a smart car is interaction.

Let's look at smartphones first, and then talk about what a smart car really is. As we all know, there are two kinds of smart phones and feature phones in the world, so I have to ask you, what is the most essential difference between these two kinds of phones? You should know that feature phones can also install software through JAVA protocol.

The reason is simple: smartphones have the ability to interact with the user, while feature phones do not. A smartphone, you can use various software settings to turn this phone into your own, unique personal belongings. But the feature phone is different, it can only install so many limited software, all feature phones, to achieve the same function. Smartphones have the ability to interact with users, while feature phones do not.

Putting the just-proposed smart machine concept directly into the car, it is straightforward to arrive at the core of a smart car: the ability to interact with the user. A typical car has no user interaction capability; it is just a tool, and the functionality is there, just like the function machine in the example above. Unlike a smart car, which can interact with the user through very sophisticated and advanced methods, each smart car is unique to its owner, just like the smartphone in your hand.

Having understood that the core of a smart car is interaction, we are bound to face another question: How is user interaction achieved?

How does a smart car perform user interaction?

Perhaps you think that there is only one form of interaction in a smart car: that big screen on the center console, and some interesting-looking features. But the screen and internal functions are just a small piece of the big iceberg of smart car user interaction that is exposed to the water.

First, the car is essentially a mobile machine, just like the original cell phone, a simple tool. To make a car a truly smart car means that every core structure of it must be completely revamped. While the core electrical architecture of a traditional car is based on a closed-loop CAN-BUS bus, the core electrical architecture of a smart car is based on a network structure with centralized computing.

To put it bluntly, every part of the smart car, and the rest of this car, can exchange information in real time, and the whole very complex intelligent system, can communicate with the user itself.

The smart car is part of the IoT strategy.

And the prerequisite for achieving driverless, one is the rollout of network infrastructure, i.e., full coverage of 5G network, but relies on the improvement of the car's road data chain, i.e., V2X. In contrast, whether driverless, 5G network, or V2X data chain, these are all important parts of the national IoT strategy proposed 10 years ago, and the IoT itself is an important part of the national IoT strategy .

And the reason why the country formulated the IoT strategy is because IoT has long been accepted by countries around the world. So it can be said that the development of smart cars is actually part of the advancement of the IoT strategy, and to some extent it also reflects the inevitable progress of human society.

There must be smart cars in the future.

In short, as long as human society is still developing at a high speed, smart cars will definitely become the inevitable form of future cars, just like smartphones replacing cell phone functions, which is an unstoppable historical trend. However, we must also see that although smart cars are gradually replacing traditional cars, these two types of cars will coexist for a long time. Naturally, this brings us to the issue of model class.

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