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The most common childcare tips, do you know?

The most common childcare tips, do you know?

Children are treasures in the hands of every family, and every family has to spend a lot of energy to take care of this child. But sometimes it is still impossible to avoid making mistakes, today the teacher has told you some not commonly used parenting tips, I hope that every parent can remember such words, it will help you to raise your child.

Many mothers see their children's belly button with dirty things feel that they Parenting Station must wash it off, not knowing that the child's belly button is very sensitive, a little carelessness will cause infection. Parents should use cotton swabs soaked in alcohol to disinfect their children, and if they find redness and swelling in the child's belly button, they should seek medical attention.

Today more and more children are wearing glasses before they reach adulthood, and the rate of myopia is increasing year by year, so why is it getting higher? This is partly due to the long-term use of electronic products, children's eyes are not fully developed, they have been staring at electronic products to see, parents should let children try to stay away from electronic products, more take children to contact the outside world, to develop good eye habits.

There should be a certain amount of time for outdoor activities, childcare teachers found that due to congenital factors to go to the hospital every day, more children are often sick is not immune. It is known that exercise can improve physical fitness, but some parents are always busy as an excuse, more or less parents should still let their children spend enough time outdoors to exercise and strengthen immunity.

Children's milk teeth should be neat and tidy, why some children teething teeth grow crooked, this is because children have less opportunity to chew, due to oral muscle weakness, jaw bone dysplasia caused by malformation of the teeth, parents during this period, parents should give their children more fiber-rich food, while reducing sweets, sweet food will affect the child's sense of taste, reduce the child's gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function. Before the age of three, it is best not to eat sweet-type candy.

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