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Wireless communication module is the key link between sensor layer and IoT network layer.

Wireless communication module is the key link between sensor layer and IoT network layer.

Baseband, RF, positioning, chips, pn devices and resistive capacitive sensing elements are integrated into the functional module of the printed circuit board to provide services to the terminal device through a standardized interface, the main functional module and functional interface consists of three parts.

The main functional communication module is responsible for signal and protocol processing, coding and decoding, RF transceiver, power management, etc. The antenna interface provides RF antenna for the terminal.

Communication modules are divided into cellular modules and non-cellular modules. Cellular modules are mainly 2u002F3u002F4u002F5G and NB IoT and eMTC modules in LPWAN. Non-cellular modules include Wifi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and LoRa and Sigfox modules in LPWAN.

For example, 4G module is connected to 4G network and NBIoT module is connected to NBIoT network. Due to the short coverage distance and high cost of non-cellular WiFi, Bluetooth and ZigBee, they cannot meet the requirements of general mobile Internet.

Cellular communication network has the feature of wide coverage and is less restricted by weather, terrain, physical distance between devices, etc. Therefore, it gradually becomes an important carrier for Internet of Things.

4G, 5G modules as the main high-speed, high-performance applications, data transmission speed, transmission volume has higher requirements, mainly through the scene including car network, remote education and medical.

Low-rate, low-power, large connection characteristics, the data transmission speed can not require high, but the number of terminal connections, connection stability and cost management is more important.

Typical scenarios include smart tourism cities, smart meter reading, smart agriculture, etc.

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