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Ear thermometer and forehead thermometer which is accurate?

Ear thermometer and forehead thermometer which is accurate?

Many people prepare thermometers in advance aluminum prototype at home in case of emergency, but the traditional mercury thermometer is not convenient to apply and very easy to damage resulting in mercury poisoning. So ear thermometer and forehead thermometer has become the preferred choice of many families. Which one is more accurate, the ear thermometer or the forehead thermometer, is a question that confuses many people. As a medical professional, I am always asked by others in my daily work which one is accurate, the ear thermometer or the frontal thermometer? Home reservation is to choose the frontal thermometer or ear thermometer? In fact, it is not difficult, Xiao listen to my detailed explanation.

Many people just purely consider the Avalonminer selection of ear temperature gun or forehead thermometer, but not from their own real requirements into account. For example, the campus, large shopping malls such public places, all choose not easy direct contact with the skin of the frontal thermometer, because the frontal thermometer in the use of only 1 ~ 5cm from the skin can be detected conclusions, can be at a certain level to prevent mutual pollution. And if it is home application, frontal thermometer and ear temperature gun can be selected. As a matter of fact, the working principle of ear thermometer and forehead thermometer is all infrared temperature measurement. But if after a lot of sweating or hair blocking, ear temperature gun temperature measurement will be more suitable. And at home some people get sick and sleep at night, the experience of precise measurement with the forehead thermometer will be more comfortable in person than the ear thermometer.

Even though the forehead braun digital ear thermometer thermometer and ear thermometer are the same in basic principle, then ear thermometer and forehead thermometer which accurate key is also need to see the quality of goods. Select the forehead thermometer or ear thermometer when possible to select a well-known brand will be more reliable, whether it is a well-known brand environment or high-tech overall strength are very strong. Infrared thermometer are passed on a thousand times repeatability testing, clinical medical testing, laboratory boldface testing, every second can collect hundreds of groups of data information, temperature measurement quickly and accurately. At the same time their LCD large screen in the temperature measurement conclusion beyond 37.6 ℃, not only beeping voice prompts, display led backlight will also become conspicuous light yellow, reasonable prompted the use of people to pay attention to body temperature changes.

Ear temperature gun and forehead thermometer which is accurate? How to choose? In fact, it is more important to take into account the requirements of the application. Like the two infrared thermometer of the fish leap medical can be adjusted to do not disturb mode, even in the sleep state will not affect the rest of the family. In addition, the home application of the forehead thermometer or ear thermometer also need to keep clean and dry in order to maintain the reliability of the precise measurement effect, but also remember to regularly clean Oh. Ear temperature gun and frontal thermometer which accurate this problem, look forward to reading this article after everyone can have their own selection.

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