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Inventory of mining equipment required, quickly understand it

Inventory of mining equipment required, quickly understand it

1. mining machines, usually hundreds, seconds or tens of seconds.

2. Mine shaft: m31s miner a professional site with good ventilation and moderate temperature and humidity.

3. Electricity resources: stable electricity supply, reasonable electricity price (generally the mine is built in a suitable site, the electricity resources are suitable), rich water price is generally around 0.25 yuan, the annual price is around 0.35-0.4 yuan.

4. Network technology equipment: switches, routers, etc.

5. Power supply: As the power supply matches the mining machine, metal prototype fabrication different mining machines have different energy consumption requirements for the power supply, so we need to buy the matching power supply to avoid depleting the machine or power supply.

6. Power cord and network cable, etc.

7. Mine Manager: A manager with knowledge of cryptocurrency and mining.

8. Other technical staff: skilled in electrical line maintenance, saas payment gateway network maintenance technicians.

9. Registered mining pool account.

10. Wallets/exchanges for address: Register a wallet management or through the exchange account, get the address of the mined coins, fill in the mining pool. If you do not fill in the network address in time, the revenue will be temporarily stored in the pool.

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