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Should I choose up milling or down milling for cnc machining?

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In cnc machining, the development of the rotational motion direction of the milling cutter can usually payment gateways for shopifyremain a constant, but the feed direction will change. There are two relatively common phenomena in milling as follows: down milling and up milling. The cutting edge of the milling cutter will be subjected to a huge impact load during each cut. In order to be able to successfully mill, Dongguan cnc machining company cutting in and out requires us to take into account the actual cutting edge and the cost of the material between the correct contact. In the milling process, the workpiece feed direction and the direction of rotation of the milling cutter has the same or opposite, which will directly affect the milling cut-in, cut-out and whether the student is reasonable to use down milling or up milling.

1. The principle of milling - from coarse to fine

When milling, consider chip formation. The decisive factor in chip formation is the position of the milling cutter. CNC machining forms thicker chips when cutting inserts and thinner chips when cutting inserts to ensure a stable cnc milling prototypemilling process.

2. Down milling

In down milling, the tool is fed in the direction of rotation. As long as the CNC machining center fixture and workpiece allow, down milling is a good method. During chamfer milling, the chip thickness gradually decreases from the beginning of the cut to zero at the end of the cut. This prevents the cutting edge from scraping the surface of the part before engaging in the cut.

CNC machining produces greater chip thickness because the cutting forces tend to pull the workpiece into the milling cutter, thereby maintaining the cutting edge. However, because the milling cutter is easily pulled into the workpiece, the machine needs to eliminate clearance to handle the table feed gap. If the milling cutter is pulled into the workpiece, the feed can increase unexpectedly, possibly leading to excessive chip thickness and cutting edge breakage. In this case, consider finish milling.

3. Up milling Milling Prototype & Machined Part | CNC Milling Service

In up milling, the CNC machine tool feeds in the opposite direction of rotation. Chip thickness gradually increases from zero to the end of cutting. Due to friction, high temperatures and frequent contact with the work-hardened surface caused by the front cutting edge, the cutting edge needs to be forced in to produce a scraping or polishing effect. All antminer s17 plusof these shorten the life of the tool.

The thicker chips and higher temperatures generated during CNC machining of the cutting edge can produce higher tensile stresses, which shorten the life of the equipment, so the cutting edge is usually damaged quickly. This can also result in chips sticking or welding to the cutting edge and then being transported to the start of the next cut, or cause the cutting edge to break instantly.

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