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Do the boss must know the mold design and production workflow and management regulations


I. Purpose

To establish the company's mold planning and manufacturing procedures, so that the enterprise's molds from planning, evaluation, manufacturing, trial samples to the delivery of each stage in an orderly manner, the intention is tolow volume plastic manufacturing ensure the quality of the mold and enhance the mold planning and manufacturing power, in order to meet customer requirements, the needs of the market and the company's planning and development requirements.

II. Scope

Applicable to the design and manufacture of new and improved molds.


New mold: The mold that has not finished the design and not handed over to carry out the first production is consistently defined as new mold.

Prototype: An object that is manufactured according to the requirements of development and design for inspection, approval and purchase.

Project Manager: The person who is responsible for the overall development of a certain development project, as specified by the R&D manager.

IV. Responsibilities

R & D Department: to be responsible for the provision of new mold product information, evaluation of mold design and mold processing progress, and to participate in mold inspection. To be responsible for measuring the timely rate of mold development.

Quality Control Department: to be responsible for the measurement and inspection of mold samples, and to participate in moldm30s whatsminer inspection. To measure the mold inspection rate.

Stamping workshop: take charge of mold sample testing and participate in mold inspection.

Mold Department: to be in charge of mold planning, manufacturing, adjustment, and help to carry out mold cost analysis, core mold evaluation, approval and inspection.

Acquisition Department:Seeking qualified suppliers and acquiring materials and accessories required for mold processing.

PMC Department: to organize mold trial samples according to the progress of mold processing.