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How to choose the right CNC machining center?

Antminer S19

When buying CNC machining center products, we do not know where to start, which type of machining center to buy, from the following points to consider, so you clearly understand how to choose the right Antminer S19CNC machining center for you.

First, clear processing workpiece, and then choose CNC machining center equipment

Determine the purchase before, first of all, to clarify the product ready to be processed. In general, the following characteristics of parts suitable for processing in the machining center.

Multi-process intensive workpiece means that in a workpiece needs to be processed with many tools.

Positioning complex workpieces such as multi-hole machining with a certain bit of hole spacing accuracy requirements, the use of machine tools with high positioning accuracy, repeat production type workpieces are suitable for processing single small batch production. The number of each batch is not large, but the need to repeat production. In addition, even if the shape and size of the workpiece is different, but is a similar workpiece, small cnc machining centereasy to achieve the group processing (GT) process of parts.

Complex shaped parts such as molds and other complex shaped workpieces can be processed on machining centers with the help of automatic programming technology for various shaped parts. Box class, plate class parts in the horizontal high-speed machining center using rotary table, the box parts for multi-surface processing, such as spindle box, pump body, valve body, internal combustion engine block, etc.. If even the top surface should also be processed in one clamping, five-sided body machining center can be used. Vertical small machining center is suitable for processing box head cylinder head, plane cam, etc. Gantry machining center for processing large box, plate parts, such as internal combustion engine cylinder, machining center column, bed, printing wall plate machine, etc.

Second, CNC machining center stroke selection

According to determine the size of the processing of wire-cut workpiece size, accordingly determine the required machine table size and three linear coordinate system travel. Table size should ensure that the workpiece can be smoothly clamped on it, the processing size must be within the stroke of each coordinate, in addition to consider the tool change space and the limits of each coordinate interference zone.

Third, the choice of CNC machining center precision

Users can choose the machine tool of the corresponding accuracy level according to the processing accuracy requirements of the workpiece.

Fourth, the choice of CNC machining center tool magazine capacity

CNC machining center manufacturers of the same specification of the machine tool, usually set 2-3 different capacity tool magazine, such as vertical machining center has 16, 24 capacity tool magazine.

Users in the selection, according to the results of the process analysis of the processed workpiece to determine the required number, usually to the need for a part in a clamping the number of tools required to determine

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