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Vehicle flexible production: the road of 5G transformation of manufacturing industry

Vehicle flexible production: the road of 5G transformation of manufacturing industry

Editor's Note: High-quality development of manufacturing industry is an important element of high-quality economic development, which is related to the key strategies of building a well-off society and building an intelligent socialist China, and determines the overall strength and international status of our country from the source. industrial manufacturing industry.

The combination of 5G and industrial IoT will accelerate the construction of data China and smart society, speed up China's new Antminer S17+industrialization process, inject new opportunities for national economic development, and create new development opportunities for the global economy under the pain of the new pneumonia epidemic.

The reporter followed the "5G" Industrial Internet of Things media trip team to visit some typical applications of the company and uncovered some typical application areas, which have been used to solve some painful and difficult problems of the company. In this article, the reporter visited the new energy vehicle brand Arashiro Automobile Manufacturing Plant of Dongfeng Motor Group and explored the application of "5G" Industrial Internet of Things in the plant.

The automotive industry occupies an important position in the manufacturing industry, with a long industrial chain, wide coverage, many related industries and other characteristics, the social and economic drive is very obvious. In addition, the automotive industry is also the "main force" of China's intelligent manufacturing field, is the frontier of advanced technology innovation transformation "camp". On October 28th, the reporter and the "5G" Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) media interview group came to Arashiro Auto Manufacturing Plant located in the southwest of Wuhan City to visit the application of "5G" Industrial IoT in the automotive industry.plastic prototype companies

In the last production line of the factory, the reporter saw that the technical workers were finishing the final inspection process, and a shining domestic SUV pure electric sedan would be withdrawn and delivered to the owner in the next few days. It is understood that the car manufacturing plant according to 5G and industrial Internet of Things technology has long been transformed to achieve the flexible production of targeted promotion. The plant takes only a few days from the receipt of a sales order to the withdrawal of a new car, while ensuring the quality of the vehicle, the individual needs of the customer and reducing the company's production costs.

Two days of work now takes less than half a day

"Before we applied cables to connect the equipment, it took about one to two days for an alignment cycle. After the transformation according to 5G, the average value can be completed in just less than half a day, saving several hundred working days a year." The person responsible for the information system of this automobile manufacturing plant informed the reporter.

The plant, which only officially started operations in June this year, could have taken 13 months to build the production line, butplastic prototype companies ended up taking only seven months. The staff told reporters that they used the characteristics of 5G wide connectivity and digital twin technology to simulate each stage of the plant in the computer long before running the plant, and it was simpler to run the plant specifically.

"Time is money, efficiency is life." This propaganda phrase, born in the early days of reform and opening up, reflects the vigor of the "tide" of the market economy in the pursuit of efficiency. 40 years ago, this vigor has been well inherited and developed in this group of "auto people".

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