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EDAN Making Health Care Much Easier with EKG Monitor, their Innovative Patient Monitor Range

EDAN Making Health Care Much Easier with EKG Monitor, their Innovative Patient Monitor Range

Hundreds of years ago, people use to die due to epidemics, low living standards, and low level of medical care.  As time changed, chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases became the main threat to human lives. However, technological advancements over time led to the development of advanced health monitoring systems. One such example is EKG monitor, which greatly facilitated the patient health care system and also the work of medical practitioners.

Importance and use of a patient monitor

Patient monitor is used in health care to check the vital signs of a patient and taking action if their health show any sign of getting worse and to avoid any serious problems.Patient monitor is also referred as EKG monitor, ECG monitor, or anesthesia monitor. We at EDAN understand the need for productive, reliable, and cost-effective patient monitoring solutions for today’s changing healthcare environment. That’s why we try our best to provide patient monitors which can improve the efficiency of workflow. High quality patient monitor like EKG monitor can help in

● Bringing efficiency of the workflow required at acute care facilities

● Providing immediate critical informationaccess

● Avoiding errors

● Save the valuable time of healthcare practitioners

● Reduce cost of health care

Medical professionals routinely monitor mainly four vital signs, which are body temperature, blood pressure, respiratory, and pulse rate. EKG/ECG or electrocardiography is the recording and measurement of the heart’s electrical activity over a time period, is also essential to patient care, and for monitoring that we require an efficient EKG monitor. Patient monitor is not only used to monitor vitals of adults but is also used for pediatrics.

Importance and use of a patient monitor

Features of a patient monitor

Some common features of an advanced patient monitor are

● LCD screen displaying  patient vitals

● Non-invasive and invasive blood pressure readings

● Respiration tracker

● Electrocardiogram

● Body temperature data

● Calculator of Anesthetic drug dosage

● Portable and easily transportable

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● Optional print function to print real-time clinical data

● Data storing capacity

● Built-in LAN or WAN technology for transmission of real-time data

● Easy to use

We at Edan are very dedicated and determined when it comes to innovations and developments in primary and secondary health care. Especially when it comes to products related to vital signs like EKG monitor, which is used as a patient monitor, Edan believes in introducing more and more new methodologies and concepts. Edan provides a variety of patient monitors like

Importance and use of a patient monitor

● Modular patient monitor- Ithas a complete set of multiple parameters suitable for almost all clinical environments.

● Transport patient monitor- It provides monitoring solutions both in and out of the hospital. It always stays connected with its built-in WIFI even during patient transfer.

● Compact patient monitor- Compact enough to mount on a bedrail. Its high-resolution touch operation and design are power-saving and have the capability of meeting almost all clinical demands.

● Vital sign patient monitor- Durable, Efficient with variety in forms and designs, it provides all the vital measurements like SPO2, body temperature, and NIBP.

● Capnograph monitor- It gives complete respiratory monitoring details like SPO2 and CO2.

● Handheld and finger oximeter- On a single display, it shows monitoring details like SPO2, plethysmogram/bar graph, and pulse rate.

● Telemetry transmitter- As a wearable transmitter connected with WIFI which for mobile patients provides SpO2  ECG and Respiration monitoring indoors

● Central Monitoring system- it’s a central, comprehensive, bi-directional monitoring solution for any Patient monitor of EDAN.

● Gateway Software- Gateway software works as a bridge between EMR systems and the EDAN monitors.

EDAN understanding the need for EKG monitor because of the growing cardiovascular diseases, provides a variety of EKG monitors too. Their innovation ranges from tablet-based EKG monitor, single-channel EKG monitor, multi-channel EKG monitor, to ECG workstation, etc. Hence we at EDAN are doing our best to give best to the world’s health care system.


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