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Special Surface Finishing for Prototypes

Special Surface Finishing for Prototypes

Have you been thinking of using a special surface finishing for your products, but you are not sure if it will turn out as good as it seems in your thoughts? This is exactly where prototyping comes in. By creating a prototype and testing it on various parameters like viability, malleability, and looks, you will be able to find out if a special surface finishing will be suitable and viable for your product or not. The advantage is that all of it can be handled cost-effectively.

Experimenting with special surface finishing

At Hemtom, our team can discuss various experiments which can be used to establish the effectiveness and viability of using a special surface finishing. These experiments can provide your design and development team with crucial insights that can help you identify features which may not be suitable for the product and ways in which the product can be improved to make it market-ready.

Some of the experiments we run include a test on the workability of the material of your choice, heat tolerance, fading of special effects from the material, longevity of the product in different climatic conditions like humidity.

Which types of special surface finishing do we work on?

We work on a variety of special surface finishing based on our client requirements. The most popular ones are:






In addition to these, if you have a different surface finishing in mind, then you can reach out to us, and we will be happy to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.

What is the importance of prototyping for special surface finishing

When you consider special surface finishing, it is important to figure out if that surface is functional and looks good for your product. By prototyping the product before starting with mainstream production, you get the chance to identify problems with the design or functional problems for the product when you use a specific surface.

Helps in envisioning the product more accurately – Special surface finishing for your prototypes helps you see how the real product could look with a specific surface material. Our team can carry out necessary tests that provide you with data and information on the performance of the material when subject to experimentation. For example, we can test the tolerance of a specific type of glass for phones when subject to pressure, temperature changes, exposure to moisture and heat. There are several other tests that we can conduct based on the product that we are prototyping.

Provides insight on the viability of the material– Many of our clients need insights on how the product would function when a special surface finishing is used. Since the product can see changes in its functionalities based on the thickness of the material, its texture, and its malleability, it is useful to have a prototype which can be used for identifying design or function issues that must be corrected before the product is ready for production.

You find out if the material looks good on the product or not – Lastly, a surface material that looks good in graphic design or on other products may not necessarily look good on your product too. Quickly testing how good it would look on your product through a special surface finishing prototype can help you save costs in proceeding further with the development of the product using that material.

Why choose Hemtom for prototyping and special surface finishing?

At Hemtom, we have been providing special surface finishing to several clients. Our team thoroughly understands the need for experimenting with the chosen surface material and carrying out any necessary tests to improve your decision-making about the design and development of the product.