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What should I do if a woman’s private parts are dry after menopause?


When women are young, it is because the ovarian function is normal and the hormone secretion is sufficient, and there will be enough love fluid secretion during sex to improve the quality of their sexual life. However, as the age continues to increase, the need for ovarian function decreases, and the secretion of hormones reduces them, which will lead to dryness of the private parts, especially after menopause. Dry private parts have a certain impact on women's sexual life and make women annoyed. In fact, if private parts are dry after menopause, you may wish to Vaginal dryness(陰道乾) adopt the following research methods to solve these problems, which can be effectively managed and improved.

What should I do if the private parts of postmenopausal women are dry?

1. Supplement estrogen

Most women will cause dry genitals due to the decline of hormones during menopause. At this time, you can supplement estrogen drugs under the guidance of a doctor to increase the amount of body hormones and promote the functioning of the ovaries, or eat more foods with high estrogen.

2. Keep your private parts clean

No matter what stage of development we are in, we need to clean our private parts. After menopause, it is easy to have problems such as lack of resistance and germs that easily invade and cause various related inflammations and infections in the society, leading to itching and dryness in the private parts. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in environmental hygiene and clean the vulva with warm water every day.

3. Have enough foreplay

During menopause, if we do not get enough foreplay during sex due to declining hormone levels, the libido will decrease and the private parts will become more dry. At this time, there must be enough foreplay and patience and some, give women enough caress, arouse women's sexual desire, and then can promote the secretion of love fluid.

4. Reasonable use of lubricants

Because of the insufficient secretion of these hormones, the secretion of love fluid during sex is reduced. Sexual life will be painful due to vaginal dryness, which leads to a decline in sexual life. Therefore, lubricants can be effectively used to improve the quality of sex life caused by dry private parts, but we must pay attention to choosing a water-soluble lubricant, which is easy to clean, and we will not be harmful.

5. Supplement vitamin b2

Vitamin B2 deficiency is an easily affected factor that can cause systemic disease to dry the skin. Therefore, you can eat more vitamin B2-rich foods during menopause to relieve dry skin of patients, such as seaweed, kelp, fish, etc., or follow the doctor’s guidance Next, take vitamin B2 by choosing directly.

6. Life conditioning should be done well

Most of the body functions after menopause are in a downward trend. At this stage, if we continue to manage our continuous living and learning habits, often staying up late and overeating, etc. will affect and cause some problems in various functions, and will also lead to more and more vaginal dryness. If you are severely affected, you can maintain a good way of life education, drink plenty of water to add moisture to prevent dry skin.


Dryness in the private parts of women after menopause is a common phenomenon. If it seriously affects their sex life, they can be relieved by medication under the guidance of a doctor. In peacetime, you can take some life care to improve, but you should be careful not to blindly use advertising products or home remedies, sometimes it will cause harm.