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The impact of human technological progress on life and work


The world of work is constantly changing. 65 percent of children entering primary school today will be doing new jobs that don't yet exist.Technologies that haven't yet been invented will solve problems that aren't even problems yet. You are part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Technology is changing quickly...It affects most things you do in life and will impact how you work in the future.What you think is modern and technologically advanced now might look old and slow in five to ten years time. Think about how the iPhone has changed over the last ten years…So just imagine what the future of mobile technology could be... New roles are emerging all the time; just think about the jobs of today that didn't exist ten years ago… jobs such as an App Developer, Social Media Consultant, and 3D Printing Engineer.

Some of the tech predictions of the future include: 10% of the world's population will be wearing clothes connected to the internet. By 2026, "smart clothing" will be available, that changes colour and shape, and keeps you cool or warm. Artificial intelligence already exists among us in our everyday lives, and whilst they are predicted to take some human jobs, they still need humans to control and program them.

Think about those in charge of controlling space robots, police robots, or controlling a robotic arm during surgery. Within 15 years some things AI and robots are expected to do include driving cars, shopping, and cooking for us.Some of the jobs we know today will be considered being high risk for future automation.

The jobs are there, just in a different and technological way. and remember, employees of the future need the skills to do the things that AI cannot easily do... critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and creativity. Some of the digital technology jobs that exist today include:

Cyber Security Specialists, Big Data Analysts, Coders, and Software Engineers. Think: Digital Technology jobs are on the rise.Wales is playing its part at the cutting edge of new technology.

The Academy of Robotics, based at Aberystwyth University is aiming to have their Driverless Kar-go to deliver packages ready for testing in 2018. Comparison Creator in Cwmbran is developing the latest software for leading comparison websites, such as GoCompare and confused.com. Opportunities to work in the digital sector in Wales will be expanding. The digital sector in the UK is creating jobs two times faster than jobs in the non-digital sector.These jobs are usually highly skilled and highly paid.

The average advertised digital salary in the UK is £51,000, yet 3 in 5 businesses are suffering a shortage of digital talent, and more than half say this talent gap is on the rise.

Have a think: would you like a career linked to the digital world?