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Pet precautions when air travelling

Pet precautions when air travelling

After check-in, your pet will be taken to a fully secure live animal waiting facility.

This area is fully temperature controlled and away from the busy airport.

Your pet will stay in their crate during this time, but will be checked on and offered water.

When it is time to board their flight your pet will be taken to the aircraft in an air conditioned or preheated van.

Pets are always the last ones on the plane and the first ones off to avoid waiting on the tarmac.

Pets traveling without an owner must be transported in the bottom of the aircraft.

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While many people refer to this area as cargo, it is a separate area for live animals that is fully temperature controlled, pressurized, and oxygenated for their comfort.

If your pet has any layovers, they will wait in another live animal facility and be transported to and from the aircrafts in an air conditioned or heated vehicle.

When your pet arrives at their destination, you will either pick them up at baggage claim or the cargo facility.

For domestic travel, all you must do to pick up your pet is show a copy of your photo ID and air waybill.

For international travel you also have to clear your pet through customs or have arranged a professional agent to do this for you.

Then you and your furry family member can be off to your new home to live happily ever after.

For more information, fill out our pet travel form or give us a call today to see how Happy Tails Travel can help your furry family member travel by air with care.

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