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Children are not big or small, what should parents teach?

A very interesting topic to discuss with you tonight is also a very irritating topic.It ’s just a child. I ’m not big or young. Then what should parents teach?This is not big or small. Actually, I think it ’s worth discussing.Because we are all polite, and then we are teaching them to respect others.But I tell you that many children just can’t learn.So why should I discuss whether it is big or small today because many mothers talk about this matter millions of times.Even if he can’t teach, he ’s still no big or small to Grandpa.Let ’s see if it ’s online. We ’re going to start class.


Today ’s discussion actually looks very common, but it seems to be very simple.What do we always do when the child is not big or small? Just tell him if you are like this, give me a try.The first method is how can you be so rude? Then you have to teach it in a very fierce way.Today, I ’m going to teach him what ’s going on at the scene.Some people say that the child still hit the grandmother today, is it Lin Yuxin's good night and Zhuang Lijun?Hello, I have seen you guys. Come and report to the scene. It ’s really different. This is what a mother told me.A mother told me that when I came to the scene today, I often came to the scene to see it.I can remember immediately after speaking and it takes a little time to digest,I will encourage everyone to see on Thursday nights,Don’t talk about elder problems first. I ’ll tell you later. I will help you analyze how your child teaches.What else do you ask your elders to respond to? You ca n’t teach them how to do it.But you can show how to respond to the elders. You can also tell the children some methods.I think it ’s very practical to be together today. For the elders, they ’re not big or small. The first one.To the elders is not big or small to the grandpa, grandma is not big or small, the second is to bully the weak in the family.That ’s like today when we were not in the preview, I saw a mother named Cao Lanlan, you said.Children dare not be too big or too small for their mothers and not for their dads.Is it because dad is harder and blacker, and mom is softer and whiter?I said that I ’m not talking about black and white faces today, because some moms and dads actually do n’t want to use beating.Do they want to use a good way of speaking, are they all taught by your experts?But you ’ll find that it ’s easy to talk about it. After a long time, you do n’t use his Taiwanese.The better you treat him, then he will be happy and arrogant, the more deliberate he is when you talk to him.In some cases, please click on the expression. Now the stars and many smiley faces and many symbols are constantly jumping up.I believe that you should be what I want to say. You should be sympathetic. The soft soil is deeper. The more you talk about him, the more deliberate he is.He ’s not big or small. This is not necessarily a black and white face.

Sometimes, actually, I ’ll tell you later.Bully the weak one at home. Which one do you have?The third kind is that it has already reached 2200 moms and dads quickly. I think it ’s really worthwhile to explore some education here.Why is there one today, one seems to be a mother,Come here to learn a lot, I dare not say that I teach a lot myself, but I think that every Thursday at 10pm, we only need to break through a little blind spot.If you pass, you know that the method I taught in the past is no wonder that the second kind of bully in the family is weak.If you write down the third kind of anger, everyone will get angry, but some children will be very special when they get angry.When he gets angry, he doesn't care about thirty-seven-one, and then he will scream, get angry.I don't know if there is a size. If yes, please press 3. If yes, please press 3.The fourth kind of speech is rude. It ’s very rude.In fact, there are quite a lot of such children, because they have not realized that it is impolite to speak by themselvesThen you just tell him that you ca n’t say this is not big or small.That ’s Grandpa, that ’s the elder. It ’s not effective to teach like this.I'll wait and tell you why it doesn't workThe fourth word, please press 4. Will your child occasionally or easily be big or small?The first kind is rude to the elders.

The second kind bullies the disadvantaged in the family. The third kind is not big and small. The fourth kind is super rude.Which of yours is so good Sandra let me see you hello good night and see what kind of you guys are.What happened to your children  let ’s wait one by one because I think these little ding-dongs I want to give everyone today are really important.It ’s really important because, as I said in the introduction, if you do n’t teach them from a young age, he may really become a bad habit.Because he doesn't think he's rude.He doesn't think he's young or big, he doesn't know what this man is and why he should respect him.Sometimes we just tolerate it and think it ’s like today ’s what is that there is a mother,I really read your messages, so this mother said that if they are not big or young, they are adults at home.I did n’t correct him when he was a kid, and when the child talked back, he said wow, how could he talk like that?After I grew up, I found out why it was like this. I think it makes sense, but it ’s not all that.Discuss these, so this is still controversial, and Ms. Zeng Yishao asked me that you are the mother of a 1-year-old baby.Did you ask when politeness began to be taught because today's episode may have a lot to do with politeness. It ’s 3,000 people who haven’t been online yet.Why so many people do n’t just pass by because they are here, everyone can learn a lot here.Moreover, in the past, the methods he taught himself were not very familiar, or how he taught him was still the same behavior.You can get a lot of one-year-old mothers here.Littering things, beating people, and so on at home. I think you can start teaching rules after one or two years old. This is certain.Is he polite? I do n’t know, but the problem is that I think it ’s okay to observe others, then observe the situation, and understand how to share emotions.The children's mental development ability that I have been teaching can stimulate a child to be more polite.In the morning, my mother seems to be Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang. The tone of our children ’s speech sometimes makes her crazy.I know that I can really feel this tone is to let the strange tone or the kind of talk back or deliberately learn to speak thereI ’m going to teach this to this. I ’m going to teach you what kind of 3035 moms and dads I ’m going to talk about one by one today.The first kind of child in your familyIs he not big or small to his elders?Liu Peiyu has n’t seen your number one fan yet.We ’re going to drive after it ’s started and then it ’s gone. You have to watch the broadcast. I feel a bit troublesome.3,100 parents are optimistic about the elders who are not big or smallIf you need to take notes, hurry up and take notes yourselfI saw that you clicked on that emoji a lot. If you have a note to copy, hurry down.Because the notes copied in this live broadcast can only be seen by yourself. If you do n’t leave some of your notes below, these videos will be washed out in these political videos tomorrow.We recorded the hard work and the in-depth results we discussed.Teach him to observe what it means to set the rules. If there is such a house, it is really impolite to Grandpa and Grandma,I will do a few things, listen carefully, you can write him down.

First, we have to say a word to the child when he is not polite to Grandpa,I did n’t do anything to Grandpa, why you can.You have to write it down. I did n’t do anything to Grandpa Grandma. Why can you do this?Teach him to respect grandpa and grandma even dad and mom why you can do this.To stimulate him to think about this is better than to scold him.Why he did n’t understand right and wrong. When he was young, he was still young. Sometimes it was another bottleneck.How old or young can I start to teach, but I do n’t think I care much about itBecause when I remind my child, I remind her to observe what others are doing and why you do it differently. I think there are many people who are raised in the next generation.We often talk about the way that Grandpa and Grandma are bringing is not necessarily very bad.We have n’t been here to criticize how bad the previous upbringing was, and how great the upbringing is now, is n’t it?It ’s because the way he teaches children is different in each generation, so we now need to communicate between generations.So the first one has to teach the children that I did n’t do anything to Grandpa and Grandma, why can you do this?Then the child will stimulate his thinking. Watch me live to stimulate the child to think about letting the child enter the situation and let the child internalize it.See how many times I've talked about it, but what we often teach is this outside, this behavior is telling him not to do this. If you are in this way, I will just click a little bit.That ’s a pity I have to tell you that you teach 5 years and 10 years and the children will still be me.It ’s like this question is that you can teach everything you ca n’t get excited. Why is he back to the original state?Because he does n’t understand the second one I will authorize the elders to punish him.What does this mean when a child is easy to grow up with.I will deliberately tell him in front of Grandpa Grandma if many people leave messages when he hits people, asking me that my child will beat Grandpa Grandma Grandma and he ca n’t repair it, it ’s not his son after all.What should I do if my daughter is not my own grandson?I said my parents authorize their parents.Let ’s take a rest in a quiet area.

Any way, how do you do it at home in front of the child, in front of the mother, and then talk to the child.If you hit Grandpa Grandma, if you bite Grandpa Grandma, then you have to accept Grandpa Grandma's punishment.This is called full authorization.Did you learn or did you learn Li Meng? You said, I often said that we did n’t do this to you, and you could n’t do it to others.I think this sentence is ok, Li Xiucheng, you said Grandpa cried, why did Grandpa be beaten?Grandpa could n’t fight back because that was his golden grandson.Isn't this the second? I have to authorize the elders to punish them.It ’s important to tell the child again. Be sure to write it down. 3,700 parents must write it down.Tell your child, Grandpa and Grandma, how you feel, no matter how old you are.Grandpa Grandma is very uncomfortable after being beaten by you Grandpa Grandma is very sad after being beaten by youGrandpa Grandma was sad after you hit you!Please, please, grandpa, grandma, do n’t laugh beside meI should have taught my children.This is the most important purpose of our live broadcast today. So when your parents were teaching, did you know that Grandpa was sad when you hit Grandpa?Do you know that your mother was sad when you hit Granny?Are you kidding me?Why because he thinks I didn't ask you to hit someone? Why do you become a hit person? And I play with you every day.Why didn't you play with me?Teach that feelingYou do n’t teach him how to feel self-centered if you do n’t talk to him.Many children are very self-centered now!Isn't that self-centered a disease or something wrong?It means that this self-centered period starts to slowly go down from two years old and three years old.He started to go into the group, but you will find in the child ’s mental development is like I teach in the book of the truthThe self-centeredness of children now rises when they are two years old and then gets higher and higher.And then I am not in charge of others. This is definitely a very unfavorable trend for the child's entire future learning.So we should teach this when we are homeschooling at home.Tell Grandpa Grandma Tell Grandpa Grandma Tell children that Grandpa Grandma will be uncomfortable.He will also be sad and he will be very sad, but he didn't tell you but he didn't tell you.Try it and it will work. I told you it will work because what I teach here are methods we did n’t use in the past.So I think it's worth everyone to come again at 10 pm on Thursday, OK? Are there any new students who have just passed by?Or the baby is 1 year old and 2 year old moms are very welcome youI ’ve just taught a lot of methods to my elders. You have to copy down your notes.The second kind of bullying in the home is a lot of this kind of weakness. This is what I mean.It's just crazy, and then it's messy.Which one in the family is less likely to use punishment for that person, he is not big or small to him.He will lock him he will bully him this person may be mom this person may be dad this person may be dad!Don’t say that dads are very strict without my evaluation for a long time and then many dads are just that kind of good dadIs there a good dad that I said, you should know that he is not the one who pleases the child.I don’t want to use it, and I want to say it slowly, but my mother will say that it does n’t work.So what is the disadvantage of your family,I don’t know who your family isthe first is that the house rules must be set at home.Children punish bullying at home in the same way.If this kind of child is young or big, he will bully the weak in the family.There may be a person who is black-faced and black-faced and he dares not touch it. The reason is because he knows the black-faced punishment.But he is less aware of the punishment of that white face and less aware of the punishment of the disadvantaged. At this time, we need to jump out of a family rule.For example, it ’s the same for everyone as long as they hit people or just say something bad.If you do this to my mother, I'll fix it. Just set the rules in the house and talk about the bad words!No big, no small words, for example, many children are older when they are 5 years old, after 6 years old, they begin to have some mantras.When he asked him to do something, he said that you were annoying.It ’s already in our sense. In the child, he may not have that meaning.But the problem is that you have to change his habit, so you have to teach him to judge that this is called no big or small language.Impolite language because what kind of tone should you use when you speak to me or you have to tell him that I did not use your fierce tone when speaking to you.Use this method to teach the child so he has to teach him to remember the house rules.You have to implement the house rules once. At this time, the disadvantaged will slowly not be the disadvantaged because the whole family follows a set of rules.This is the importance of rules This is the importance of rules.The strong side, whether it's a father or a mother, you have to help the weak to establish a position.For example, dad and dad are stronger in the family.Talk to the children about the things you can't do to your mother.Then I told you this because my mother told me he didn't like it either.This is called helping the disadvantaged to build a little status, because there may be no way for this disadvantage. You must understand what I ’m talking about.I think I have been here for so long. I think your rapport with me is really so good. That is what I said just now. You should understand.Some disadvantages are that you really ca n’t help it, and then you need a teammate to help.But if you are weak in the family, I have talked about this one in the past because I may often have a lot of new students today, I will talk again.If you do anything else, I will call dad here. If you do anything, I will tell mom.This NG, don’t do this, because if you tell you, if you often tell a child, if you are like this, I ’ll call dad.If that's the case, I'll go find mom. You just make yourself the weaker person in your family.Because you can’t do it yourself, the language is a bit less.So make a rule at home. Make a rule. Remember!Even if you are weak, you are the type of father and mother who you are less willing to punish or you are unwilling to punish and do not want to use a whip.You also have to be angry. People are emotional, but when the child is wrong, you can forgive him once or twice, but we often see this kind of big and small children.The weakly reared person in the family is often less angry.Do you think it ’s weird? I ’m so angry every day, I said that there is such a thing.In the process of our evaluation, we found that many homes are weak and anger is very small. I am not saying that you have to slam children every day.But you have to be angry and a little bit angry, I am very angry, I am very angry, teach the child to judge the severity of his mistakes.Speaking again your emotions can teach your child how serious he is doing this.If he is a little wrong with this thing, you will be a bit angry. If you have done this, you may be a little bit angry and a little serious.If this matter is related to danger, you may be very angry. Do you know what danger and danger this will cause? I have n’t told you.So when we teach children, there is a degree of emotion.The child will realize that you really care about this, but talk about it in turn. 3,600 parents.You just listened carefully. If you are angry every day and your emotions are very high, I just talked about it. I told him that day. Did you watch my live broadcast on Monday?What kind of explosive emotions do you find every day?The child received a message that you exploded everything, so I preached the child and I didn't tell the parents that even angryWe just hope that you do n’t hit children but you ca n’t be angry. Weak people can be angry, but weak people, especially you are weak, you have to start learning to be angry with children.You have to grade so that the child can understand that this thing really can't be done, so understand this. This is the second point.

The third kind is not big or small when angry.This is usually because the child does not know how to express emotions, so you have to teach him emotional expressionsIt ’s possible that this kind of child just did n’t realize that he did n’t realize his attitude was wrong.His attitude is not right. The child does n’t know that the whole attitude of that, that, that, that, that, himself, is wrong, and he cares about his own need.Do n’t own that one. I think this is the moment when I talk to the child in two sentences. You can take a note. First you can talk to him. You can be angry.Of course I can be angry. I said many times that everyone can be angry, mother can be angry, father can be angry, why can't you be angry.Being angry is one of the basic emotions. You can be angry but you listen well but you ca n’t use roar.You can't hit it you can't scream you can get angryThis is a kind of sandwich talking technique.You can be angry but you can't scream you can't beat people you can't use pinch people you can get angryOne, two, three, 3,800 parents talk like this. This is the first kind of conversation when angry.Then the second one is because some children are not big or small because he moves a lot. When he is angry, he has a lot of actions.Does your child start a lot of actions when he gets angry? He doesn't care what you do. You can be angry, you can be angry, but you have to control your movement.You have to control your strength. You want to be able to do something. This is emotion. Teach your child the right emotion. Emotional vent.You can run around there you can take pictures there you can tear a calendar sheet and knead him you can get angry you have to teach himYou did n’t teach him he used the most primitive way. Some children just throw things and scream and they scream there so he does n’t have an exit.His emotions did not come out, not big or small.Why don't you see anyone else in your eyes? Only you want to quickly send that anger out and teach him the correct emotional expression.The fourth 3800 parents who are rude to speak are not polite.You do n’t know when you speak indecent words, so you have to teach him to distinguish between indecent words.Then I ’m just talking about it. A five-year-old child will tell my mother that you are annoying.Can you ignore my six-year-old child and tell my parents why you care about me, right?7 years old, 8 years old, 9 years old, there is no need for me to talk to senior high school and middle school. You know it is the child in your family.What should I do at this time? Teach him to distinguish between decent and incompetent. This is the first step.Because a lot of children do n’t think that he ’s talking like this hurts people. At this time, I can use feedback. Many parents have used this method in the past. I think it ’s good.

Tell him when you talk to him. Ask him if you like me to talk to you like this. Do you think I'm comfortable talking to you?Are you comfortable? I tell you that children are not so easy to teach. Some children intentionally sing contradictions will tell parents that the hardest thing is that they are very comfortable. I like it. Nothing.OK stop your conversation at this time Why stop your conversation because your anger will definitely come up when the child sings the contradiction.But if the child said such a contradiction, did he care or didn't care?I think it ’s something I care about, so do n’t force him to tell him right away, and it ’s strange that you do n’t listen to anything.Stop talking and teach him to tell the irony let him think about teaching him to distinguish the first one is to teach him to distinguish.How can a younger child teach him how to teach him again? I think just now I think that sentence is not good.Too loud or too rude or too much. I don't think that sentence sounds good, so please speak again.You have to practice. Then he has the right way. You are annoying. Why are you doing this?Amended as a mother, can I do something? When using a cry of pleading, do n’t respond to him first. What is he going to do?The first sentence encourages him well. I like the tone you just spoke. Let's get the tone right.Let's talk again to practiceReally have to practice on Thursday at 10pm. We all take everyone to practice. Some people may pass by. How might this teacher talk so fast?It's already night and I say it's okay, watch slowly and listen slowly and you will find that we really teach a lot.Let's crack it. There are four kinds of kids who are not polite and big or small.But the most important thing is this next board.Some are impolite and some are impolite.This is not big or small, some of the methods taught by adults at home have problemsI did n’t correct him when I was a kid. Why did you talk so much and how it turned out when you grew up?Please take a closer look at this one. I'll believe that you will already have my line through my LINE.In the community, you search for the official account of the genius leader. The videos of the genius leader, as well as these teachings, are all on my YouTube.Be sure to hurry and see it is completely free of charge for our next generation and for the good of our parent-child relationship.We just put all these things in so many channels and then welcome everyone to share. Welcome everyone to forward. Welcome everyone. Recommend more people to see.When we have more discussions here, we will have a better next generation. This is the purpose of our live broadcast.I have 6 items left by my child who is not grown up or raised by my child. My first board today has some parents who will keep punishment in their mouths.If you do anything, I'll fix it for you. If you do anything, I'll tell your parents.This will only make it harder for you to teach. It will only make the child bigger and younger. Why is this threat such a threat? There is no way to implement it.Will only make your status lower and lower this is the first.The second adult do n’t deliberately tease children and children will fight back. I often see many adults who ca n’t get along with children.Often adults go to make a child and make him angry.This is called inexplicable. You must know what I'm talking about. You must have seen this type of teaching.Don't deliberately tease the child and make him angry. Come and blame him for not being big or small. This is the responsibility of upbringing.Third, do n’t be a bad role model. Do n’t be a bad role model. Sometimes we also inadvertently talk small and big because I know the people in the house and I have no measure.I said that I do n’t need to respect others, I ’m louder, I ’ve got a lot of mantras, adults, do n’t be bad role models in front of children.He will learn very quickly. A mother said that the second one is funny, right?After deliberately teasing the child, and then the child said, "How can you be like this?"

The fourth kind of teaching to reduce emotional uncontrollability is not to teach children with anger. This is what I just said.Because your way to teach children is always this way, when the child will fight back, you can blame him for not being big or small.So there are many, many emotional EQ courses here. I ’m not just teaching children. I ’m also teaching parents. We must have setbacks in teaching children.There must be things that can't be done. There must be some situations that contradict each other. It doesn't matter. We have to be calm.Wait patiently for them to grow up, so this is the fourth child. It ’s important that they do n’t know that they are rude. Children do n’t know that they are rude. Children do n’t know that they are not big or small.This is teaching what we just teach him not to be like this.What I often see is that you ca n’t do this. I want to ask you what I can doWhat can i do i just think you're mad at me but you didn't teach me what can i do.I said right, did you see the child realize that he was not polite and behaved that way? He ’s the last grandfather.Please, one thing, when you are bringing grandchildren, when you are bringing grandchildren,When he makes you uncomfortable, you must tell him right away that you are making me uncomfortable.You have to teach him right away. You have to teach him something right now. You have to teach him right away not to get him to hammer your eyes down and take off the glasses or really do something very dangerous.You want to teach him when his behavior is uncomfortable no matter how old he isDo you say what I said makes sense? If you do n’t teach him, you do n’t understand.

So these education responsibilities are our education responsibilities.Whether it's the child's own problem or the responsibilities above, big, small, and polite, they can help them get back on track through acquired education.I hope this episode is helpful to everyone.

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