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What to pay attention to during the first pregnancy

Today is our third episode of pregnancy:


How about our second episode?How to increase pregnancy?The best way to increase your pregnancy is "age".The lower the age, the higher the pregnancy rateThe older you get, the harder you get pregnant. Everyone knows.We come to see in the third episode, what should we pay attention to in the first trimester?When you know you are pregnant, what should you pay attention to?(Not paying attention before (Taiwanese))

This grandma said, grandma, are you 60 now?(70, almost 80) 70, almost 80.Our group of people in the 1980s were pregnant,Tian Zhaogeng, Road ZhaoranThey were better than us at the time.We are rare now (what is the checkup?).No previous birth check, right? (No).But now people are more arrogant,It ’s not easy to get married,It's too late to want a child after marriage.Everyone will be happy with children (Taiwanese).What do you pay attention toIf your granddaughter is pregnant today,What to pay attention to? Come to teach!What should you pay attention to as your grandfather today?We are divided into three stages of pregnancy, early, middle and late.How was it when you first became pregnant?(Notice nutrition) Yes! Pay attention to nutrition.

What nutrition to pay attention to?(In the present sense)(That is, the six major nutrients must be balanced).All 6 nutrients need to be balanced, great!This is the standard answer.But some of the 6 major nutrients are particularly special attention.Special attention for pregnant women.Let ’s review it today, I believe everyone knows.But I forgot it a little bit. What should I pay attention to in early pregnancy?Before we talk about nutrition,I want to say these four words first.Many pregnant women start to go to bed after their first pregnancy!Seems to get a big privilege,I have it, let me have a good rest,Indeed, it can look like this.Actually, I have to go to bed early and get up early.Because going to bed early and getting up early is very good for pregnant women.Early to bed and early to rise Another definition is to go to bed late and get up late.That is very bad for pregnant women.There are several big advantages to going to bed early and getting up early.The first advantage is that you can spend time in the sun.After getting up, you can take a walk outside and enjoy the sun,(In the past, the countryside was drying up (Taiwanese))!

Yes grandma you're right,In the past, people used to do farming and sun exposure was very common.Now the lady needs to apply (sunscreen) sunscreen when going out.Afraid of getting a little skin tan,I want to tell you that the most important thing for pregnant women is to bask in the sun every day.There are many benefits to sunbathing. You need to spend time in the sun.Take the time to bask in the sun,If you slept until noon today, would you spend time in the sun?No, because the sun is bigger at noon.Many people do n’t want to go back and sweat.The best time is to go to bed early and get up early.The first thing to do is to bask in the sun, there are many benefits behind.

Second, the best prenatal education,It ’s not a child that was born, that ’s why he taught him.The best prenatal education is the mother you have.You lead by example, go to bed early and get up early (hmm).You go to bed early and get up early, and your child will follow the sun when you are born.You are sleeping late and getting up late, this is all prenatal education.When you go to bed late and get up late, your child turns upside down day and night,I do n’t sleep at night, I try to sleep for you during the dayIs it the same as when you were pregnant?Did you say that my child is so difficult to bring.Why did you get up at 12 o'clock in the evening?Is it the same as before?Was it like this when you were pregnant.Start watching videos, start playing electric, the best prenatal education.The first child's prenatal education is not English, not something.The best prenatal education is "go to bed early and get up early"!Like the teacher 9:30.After eating, you can brush your teeth, wash your face and sleep(Sit back and relax) sit back and relax.What are you going to do so late? There are many things that can be done during the day,I used to get up from 4:30 to 5:30.That hour's work efficiency is very high.Have you tried (yes)4:30 to 5:30, no one is harassing you, so think clearly.Many plans can be ordered in one click(But you quarrel with others).So you have to learn to do it quietly, do not use your brain.Don't get up, just kidding.Early to bed and early to rise is a very good prenatal education.Let your child know in the arms of mom.Oh! Mom goes to bed early and gets up early.In the future, he will go to bed early and wake up early after birth.Do n’t worry about him not sleeping at night, this is the best prenatal education.

Third, you have time for breakfast.Do pregnant women who are pregnant in the early stages usually go to work? (To be),If she has to go to work.Would she say the boss, I can't go to work after I'm three months pregnant.Will the boss be on leave? will not!Usually if you have to go to work, if you are in a hurry.Is it possible for her to have a well-balanced breakfast?May be a sandwich and run.Day by day, day by day, day by day.Does the fetus have the correct nutrition?So before we talk about nutrients,let's talk about work and rest called "early bed and early rise".Don't say this is a pregnant woman's business.Everyone here is going to bed early and get up early.You have to learn to follow the sun.You do n’t learn to follow the sun now.Someday you have to follow the sun,I now have many cancerous patients on my hand.Used to follow the moon.The higher the moon, the higher he is:I'm sick now, cancer is gone.He now turns it upside down and follows the sun.Be sure to follow the sun!This is in line with the normal laws of our bodies.

First, go to bed early and get up early.Secondly, let ’s take a look. Why do we have to bask in the sun?There are many benefits to the sun.Pregnant women are going to bask in the sun, you know?(Know, Vitamin D) Vitamin D, yes.Great! Vitamin D.Cholesterol under our skin10 to 15 minutes in the sun.Can produce the vitamin D we need in one day.Don't buy this, don't buy vitamin D! Just go to the sun.So when pregnant women go out, you should never wear a big hat.Wear sunglasses, masks, gloves.Did you get the sun like this? No (the sun is shining).The sun sees you, but you don't see the sun.The sun is very good, at least 15 minutes a day,I suggest everyone to walk and bask in the sun.The first is vitamin D.Another calcium because we have enough vitamin D.To preserve our calcium and prevent osteoporosis.In the past, a child lost a tooth.Why lose teeth? Lack of calcium.Many people lack calcium because they lack vitamin D,Vitamin D deficiency is due to lack of sun exposure.So go to bed early, get up early to bask in the sun, and add vitamin DPrevent osteoporosis.You know where we are right now is very nice,If you are located in a high latitude country like the UK.That country has insufficient sunshine due to its long high latitudes.So of course it's easy to be depressed!Is it easy to get sun in Taiwan? Very easy!At high latitudes abroad, they go out to wear swimwear.Just grill the sandwiches on the beach.Why do they know that sun exposure is important.Does Taiwan need to work so hard? We don't need.As long as we are willing to go out and spend time.We are now because many people say that I am too busy.No time to sun.How can you be so busy that you don't have time to bask in the sun?I encourage everyone to take 10 to 15 minutes a day.Anyone, that pregnant woman is especially in the sun.This will make you feel good.Hasn't it been raining in Taiwan these days?Don't you feel a little bit?My mood is a little bit moldy.Haven't you been happy to have been in the sun recently? Really?Early to bed and early to get sun.Early to bed and early to eat breakfast,I went to read a lot of books for pregnant women,I told her that you should pay attention to that, pay attention to this.But you know, I only missed one of these three meals.Is that a big nutritional deficiency?I'm afraid that you have good Chinese food and dinner.But one breakfast is missing, how much is missing?a lot less! Must eat breakfast! why?First, the variety of breakfast should be diversified,I'm afraid that many people have a glass of milk + a bread for breakfast.Is there such a diversity? NoBreakfast is our first priority.Must have protein, dairy, nuts.Can whole grain rhizomes, vegetables and fruits work? (Ok).You have to eat so much, can you finish it in 10 minutes?Do you have to be in a mood.Brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, and enjoy this meal slowly,It takes at least 30 minutes to eat breakfast.It ’s not over for 30 minutes, you have to eat slowly!Eat staple foods, protein, vitamins, minerals.All of them need to be ingested, so it takes a little timeThe first is the kind and the second is the color.Do n’t look at your breakfast. It ’s all green.Is this good?Teacher, I'm healthy. I eat green vegetables.Be colorful, you must have different colors in each meal.

For example, what are the fruits and vegetables in purple?(Eggplant) Eggplant, good!(Grape) Grape fruit, great! What else?(Purple sweet potato) sweet potato, sweet potato.There are many things!In addition to purple, there are white, yellow, red, and green.Should I have it?Because I saw a lot of books in the workshopI told you to carry a lot of nutrients.The best way is in your meal.There are colorful fruits and vegetables.If you have a variety and a color, you are not afraid.Don't be lazy anymore.Don't buy a cup of coffee with a bagel.Just treat your breakfast.This way your baby will protest! (Ok)!why? How can you protest? Tell youIt's exciting next.We have breakfast or three meals. What should we do not try?Try not to skip vegetables.You do n’t eat vegetable kids club, have you seen this?This is normal kid.A normal fetus born should look like this.Do you see what he is missing? "brain"!Pregnant woman, in the early stages of your pregnancy, in the process of pregnancy,If you do n’t eat vegetables, you will have so-called(No brain child) No brain child, no brain child!How does this child have no brain? Have you seen it?You can check it online(There are many stunts now.) Stunts, yes.Anencephaly children are completely brainless, and some people are stuntedDo you dare not eat breakfast?Do you dare to be picky and not eat vegetables? No brainThe other is neural tube disease.Is that his spine is broken, or his spine is severely curved,I can't sleep in my life.Have you seen? That spine can easily break.Becomes like this, deformed.Or his spine was originally a large shape.So he ca n’t sleep in his entire life.Because his spine is backward, like a saber-toothed dragon.Have you ever seen a dinosaur? Its back looks like this,It ’s okay to watch it, I ’ve never seen that kind of dinosaur,I have seen the model.This is because (do not eat vegetables) do not eat vegetables!Many people have not been mothers before.She eats meat instead of vegetables.At the beginning of your pregnancy you have no right not to eat vegetables,If you do n’t eat vegetables, it hurts the fetus as well as yourself.

Finally had a baby.Born without a brain, will you be happy?Born is a deformity! It's simple not to do anything.You just have to "eat vegetables" because there is a lot of folic acid in vegetables.The doctor tells you that pregnant women must add more folic acid.When did you start taking folic acid?Most people take folic acid because doctors tell him(Group B has it) Folic acid is a member of Group B.Many mothers know that they are pregnant.What does the doctor say you want to add? FolateI feel a bit too late.Since the girl knew she was pregnant, she was about two months pregnant.It ’s been two and a half months to see the doctor again.Actually we are fertilizing the eggs to the front.Is the fastest time to develop the brain.A lot of folic acid is needed at this time.People say, do n’t let your child lose at the starting point (hmm).Many people say, then I hurry to tutor him,English, mathematics, physics and chemistry, noIf your brain develops worse than others!Did you just lose at the starting point?So the starting point is not when you are pregnant.When you start to get pregnant, eat lots of vegetables?Because you do n’t know when you are pregnant, do you understand?When you know you are pregnant, you start to eat a lot of vegetables.Has lost two months than others.This month is when the brain grows fast,If your daughter or your granddaughter wants to get pregnant.At this time, you said, you are starting to eat vegetables.Because vegetables can help the fetal brain and neural tube grow.Folic acid, most people eat folic acid too late.Preferably when you want to get pregnant,I started to add a lot of vegetables and fruitsI just said, colorful vegetables.That way, there are a lot of vegetables here.Folic acid is there, let's see what it is?Asparagus, asparagus has a lot of folic acid, what else?Oatmeal, can oatmeal be used as breakfast.Milk, milk has a lot of folic acid, what else?Cauliflower, how many broccoli do we have now? (More).The yolk inside the egg.Although talking about it, there is a lot of folic acid in the yolk.Do you want to eat egg white? (Yes) Yes, I still want to eatand kiwi, and carrots, these are a lot of folic acid.Change folic acid from different sources every day.But to tell you, none of these things can be eaten raw.Pregnant women are absolutely forbidden to eat any food raw, including meat and vegetables.Not for pregnant women, lettuce salad, no!Neither can sashimi, it must be cooked.Folic acid foods are actually quite rich, many can be supplemented.Another one, we want to supplement omega 3 food.We know that essential fatty acids are divided into two.One is omega 3 and one is omega 6,We talked last week.Special omega 3 stuffDHA and EPA are formed in the fetal brain.These two things are very important for our neural circuitsCome over there? From fish, from what? AvocadoSome nuts can provideFish, I put this one specially, not for you to eat raw.There are only two ways to cook fish.One is steaming (steaming), the other is boiling,If this piece of meat is used for frying,This piece of omega 3 is easily destroyed(Chia seeds are many) Chia seeds are many omega 3Omega 3, teacher, can I eat fish oil?The teacher does not recommend.Because fish oil is extracted from fish meat.Will go through a lot of destruction.And now many fish in fish oil,I do n’t know if it is extracted from there, I do n’t know!

Do you feel the fish you buy?Can see it's fresh.You have to buy the right fish. Buying fish is easy now.You don't care if it's a freshwater fish or a marine fish, no matter what!You have to control the size, the bigger the fish, the more (more) the heavy metal.One day my child will tell meDad, I do n’t know the size of the fishIs catfish big or catfish small?Is sturgeon big or small? (Big fish)Catfish are big fishI will tell him very simply, next time we go to the market.You ca n’t see the head of the fish, you ca n’t see the tail of the fish, that ’s the big fish.Many people sell catfish in the market.Did you see the head? (No)Did you see the tail? (No)Is the sailfish big or small? (Big fish) Swordfish are bigWu Guoyu, have you seen your head? (Have)Did you see the tail? (Yes), then OK!What about meat fish? What about leucorrhea? Not too big.You can see the head and the tail are not big fish.What about meat fish? What about leucorrhea? Not too big!So there are 2 nutrients to explain.One is folic acid and one is omega 3.Others in early pregnancy.As long as the nutrition is balanced, do n’t be too special.At this time in the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus is only a little bit big and big.No need to be special, just these two.Guess this, you need to add protein and take B6.To add zinc, to add water, to eat ginger, to eat tomatoes.

How do these six things combine to make a pregnant woman?Come and guess, the guessed teacher admires you(Reward prizes) and prizes, every time.Come and see, what pregnant women eat protein, what eat B6.Eat zinc, eat fruit, eat ginger, eat tomatoes.Then she wo n’t have “nausea”.Morning sickness is mainly in the early and late stages of pregnancy.Let ’s take a look, that is, you want to add protein.Foods high in protein!Can supplement pregnant women and babies.Here is B6. If you have severe morning sickness, you can add B6.Can suppress nausea.Then there is zinc supplementation. Zinc deficiency is easy to lose appetite during pregnancy.Taste and smell disorders, vomiting.Eat tomatoes with antioxidants and lycopene.Comprehensive gastric acid effect on morning sickness.Actually, being a mother is really hard.You know there are many people who have morning sickness, and every third pregnant woman has morning sickness.Morning sickness is uncomfortable, once you have morning sickness.Ca n’t eat any more food, her mood will affectYou have to know how to eat a little balanced food.One more thing to prevent your morning sickness.Is it better not to have morning sickness?Or do I have to have morning sickness during pregnancy? Does anyone say that?I often tell others, "Pregnancy can be done without morning sickness."As long as you have enough nutrition, you do n’t need morning sickness.Many people say it ’s not called pregnancy.Is it like this? Is pregnancy necessary?Is it necessary? No need!Early pregnancy, probably pay attention to these things.Don’t forget, my first thing is to go to bed early and get up early.Can you chase a drama or can you chase a drama?Can I chase in the morning? Follow the sun, OK?

When the moon came out, it started to rest.The baby also needs to rest, this is very good prenatal education.Prenatal education did not come out before starting prenatal education.This is our third unit.What you should pay attention to in early pregnancy

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