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Poisonous in the body will cause acne, this detoxification will make your acne disappear completely, 100% effective!

Poisonous in the body will cause acne, this detoxification will make your acne disappear completely, 100% effective! !! !!Acne on the face is not only caused by getting angry, but also caused by excessive toxins in the body due to overeating, poor sleep, lack of exercise, and incomplete cleaning.To get rid of acne completely, you must first detox.So how do you get acne on your face? Here are eight tips for detoxifying and removing acne so that the toxins are no longer there! .Advertisements.How do I get acne on my face? Acne on the face is usually caused by excessive toxin accumulation in the body.Experts point out that only by removing harmful substances and excess nutrients in the body in a timely manner and keeping the body clean can we keep the body fit and skin beautiful, and we can remove the nutrition that acne breeds from the inside.Advertisements.Toxins are produced in the body every day. A healthy lifestyle can effectively remove these toxins. People who have an abnormal diet, lack of sleep, and do not exercise often leave toxins in the body.Experts remind that detoxification is very simple. Detoxification can be done in diet, exercise, and sleep. If you do a good job in life, you can clean up the five internal organs and let the toxins sweep away.

Poisonous in the body will cause acne, this detoxification will make your acne disappear completely, 100% effective!

1. Wash your face and detoxify.In the morning, wash your face with warm water, rinse with cold water for 30 seconds, wash with warm water, and then rinse with cold water. This cold and hot alternation can promote blood circulation.This can promote facial blood vessels and skin contraction, which is a little trick to eliminate facial skin toxins.After washing your face, you can use a hot towel to relieve your skin fatigue.Specific method: Put the towel in hot water, gently twist it after sucking in moisture, and wait for it to cool to the extent that it is not hot, spread the cover to cover the entire face, and use the heat and steam of the towel to speed up the blood circulation of the face skin. Promote metabolism, help detox and drive away the dullness.Advertisements. 

2, drinking water detoxification method.Drinking enough water can dilute the concentration of toxins and excrete the toxins from the body through urine.Therefore, experts recommend to drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning, and ensure that you drink about 1500 ml of water every day, and do not urinate, because there are many toxins in the urine, if not discharged in time, they will be reabsorbed and endanger health.The basis for drinking 8 glasses of water a day is that the body loses water from urine, perspiration, or skin evaporation every day, which is about 1800 to 2000 milliliters. After deducting 1000 to 1200 milliliters of water from food in three meals, we only need to re-use Drink 1000 ~ 1200 ml of boiling water to complete the task.If the environment is a little drier and more exercise, then drinking 8 glasses of 200 ml of water a day is just right.For women, intake of enough water can maintain cell moisture and maintain cell elasticity, so the skin will be full and shiny, and wrinkles will be difficult to form.The truly effective method of drinking water is to drink a whole glass of water (about 200 ~ 250 ml) in one breath, and it is difficult for the body to really absorb and use it with two casual drinks.Eight glasses of water a day are good for health. Experts suggest that the specific time to drink water is preferably 6:30, 8:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:30, 17:00, 18:30, 21:00.Advertisements.

 3. Cry Detox.When we are crying, we will take a short breath and long breath, which will greatly help the work of the respiratory system and blood circulation system.This "crying breath" has been used in some breathing exercises that are very effective in treating asthma and bronchitis.Therefore, when you cry, don't cry, you must cry, vent boldly.Some scientific studies have shown that putting the tears flowing out of people when they are sad and angry into the container, and then putting the ants into the container, the ants will die soon !! The little ants are really pitiful, but also let us know that there are tears in sadness It's so poisonous, so don't suppress your tears when you are in pain, this is a good detoxification process !!.However, crying should not exceed 15 minutes.After the depressed mood is released, you can't cry anymore, otherwise it will be harmful to your body.Because people's gastrointestinal functions are extremely sensitive to emotions, sorrowful or crying for too long, the movement of the stomach will slow down, gastric juice secretion will decrease, acidity will decrease, it will affect appetite and even cause various stomach diseases.Advertisements.4, adequate sleep detoxification.Although the brain is not a direct detoxification organ, mental factors significantly affect the function of the detoxification organ, especially stress and tension will restrict the operation of the detoxification system and reduce the efficiency of toxin excretion.Our body has a set time for detoxification. If you do n’t sleep enough, it will disturb the whole detoxification process, leading to the accumulation of toxins in your body, which will not only affect your face, but also your health.Advertisements.Many people like to stay up late, which is a very unhealthy lifestyle.Because 11 pm to 5 am the next day is the time for detoxification of bile liver and lungs, and these detox organs need to work in a quiet sleep state, long-term "night cat" will not only affect the mental state of the next day It also causes dysfunction of the secretory system, and various toxins cannot be excreted, resulting in dull complexion, bad breath, and constipation.Therefore, the quality of sleep is very important, to ensure adequate sleep, to allow the liver, gallbladder and lungs to fully rest, so as to expel toxins.

5, deep breathing detoxification method.Everyone is breathing in daily life, but many times people ’s breathing is an unconscious reflex action, and the volume of gas entering the lungs is very limited each time. In fact, the faster the breathing rate, the smaller the breathing volume. The inhaled oxygen had no time to work, so it was sent out again. With short breathing, the waste carbon dioxide remained in the lungs.Therefore, instead of taking a hundred short breaths, it is better to remind yourself to take deep or abdominal breaths to help accelerate the metabolism of waste in the body and purify the blood.Advertisements.

6, clean up gastrointestinal detoxification method.Most of the toxins in the human body are present in the intestine and are excreted with feces. If you do not defecate for a long time, the toxins may be reabsorbed by the body.If you can keep your defecation open, you can ensure that most of the toxins are excreted in time.In order to clean up the stool, many people often try some detox and laxative products by themselves. Because some detox products commonly on the market now contain laxative and laxative ingredients, although they work quickly, if they are used excessively for a long time, they may easily cause constipation Finally, it may also cause refractory constipation, which causes greater irritation to the stomach and intestines.Therefore, the most safe and reliable thing is to rely on the human body's own balance function, rely on the daily good living habits and eating habits, urine and stool are smooth, and the body's toxins are naturally discharged.

7, diet detoxification.Some people think that dieting is detoxification, and no toxin will be produced if you do n’t eat it. In fact, this dieting method is wrong. Dieting is not only harmful to the elimination of toxins, but also damages our internal organs, especially the spleen and stomach. disease.What you need for detoxification is not dieting, but learning to adjust your diet scientifically and arrange three meals a day.7-9 am is the time for stomach detox.Therefore, breakfast must be richer, it is best to eat some foods that nourish the stomach, such as peanuts, walnuts, apples, carrots and so on.11 noon to 1 pm is the time for detoxification of the heart.Therefore, you can eat some food for lunch, such as longan.In addition, fungal plants, especially black fungus, have functions of cleaning blood and detoxifying, and can be eaten in moderation.In the evening, you can eat some bean soup (red beans, mung beans, black beans, soy beans) or soy products.These foods can help excrete various toxins in the body, promote metabolism in the body, but also break down fat and inhibit fat accumulation. You can eat more; coarse grains such as oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, corn, etc., as well as fresh vegetables and fruits, are rich in Vitamins and fiber are very beneficial detox foods and you can eat more.

8. Exercise detox method.Modern urban people, especially some white-collar workers who often sit in the office, usually go to work from work to work, and have hardly moved from their desks. They also use cars to travel to and from work. As a result of the accumulation of toxins, it is recommended that you adhere to some appropriate exercise every week, such as walking, jogging, yoga, swimming and so on.

Through proper exercise, gastrointestinal motility can be promoted, blood circulation can be accelerated, and toxins can be smoothly discharged from the body.Finally, remind that detoxification is the best way to regulate body function. It is recommended to drink a glass of honey water to intestine every morning.Then do more exercise, perspiration can discharge the body's garbage from the pores a little, and finally it is necessary to sleep before 11 o'clock in the evening to help the normal metabolism of liver function.Long-term adherence, the acne will subside !.

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