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10 kinds of exciting food in Kyoto brocade market!!

Our restaurant in Kyoto did n’t buy breakfast this time.Because we are from the hotel.Walking to Kyoto's stoveNishiki Market.Only takes 15 minutes,so we are going over there now.We've been eating this whole tripkeep walking and eating.This is less likely,I do n’t need to worry ~(Owed)


Touch the monumentI want to say what weird thing you are doinghis market.Has a history of 400 yearswill be in this seat becausethere is a groundwater under him.It is said that in summer,his (water temperature) is about 15 degrees.So you know400 years ago they didn't have freezing technology.He uses that cold watercan come in refrigerated catchwith other thingsI did not lie,I didn't lie to you this time.You can drink that groundwater laterI didn't really want.He can’t eat while walkingif you eat while walking, he may shoot you.But he just said here.These things cannot be eaten while walking.So what else is out there?(Will not work)Just try it.If you do n’t have it, you can buy it and eat.His jade roast is also very famous.He uses thiseggs from Kyotowith their own special stockmade jade burnt.He said because it's all very freshand without any additivesso children can eat too.But it's hot! So be carefulIt ’s Kyoto. It ’s made with soup.And the ones in Tokyo belong to the sweet ones.And then add the flavortwo are completely different flavors.You are proud of your own jade burn.How does it compare to you?He's softMy comparison is drythis is their most famous weird thingsweetsmall octopusThen there is one in his headquail eggsYou shouldn't tell me what's in it firstThen I will be surprisedDo you want me to eat it allHalf it! Of course we have to shoot the side!He has a little that. .The taste of shredded squid in Taiwan.But he is an octopus,so it ’s fresher I'm full of love!real or fake!?


Because I like to eat quail eggsthen he's a little sweet again.Is a delicious snackI think you're quite perverted.When I go back, I use that big octopusand make this for youStuffed with eggsDon't be so sickShove himThat bulging head is the same as that of Sakyamuni BuddhaThis is much more comfortable!He is not stuffed, this is his own clamJust that, the whole head was stuffed with quail eggs!This is his own eggHe has already been cooked in SichuanAnd then burn himSo he has a strong burning taste(It's fragrant!) This is ok, that one was just weird.You can buy this!how is it?No!Too muchHe refusedEvery old street in Taiwan has sausageEvery old street in Japan has wagyu skewersIt ’s not necessary to eat, you can put it backI must eat!No need to talk about it!Can Wagyu be unpalatable?delicious!(So ​​happy)OkayI feel okay ~Then don't you eat it!Give me the last piece! ~ NO ~This kind of meat does not need to be seasoned too muchAll you need is saltJust let his oilOil content? !!Let the smell of his oil gocover your entire paleteHe is basically eating butterreally tasty!Do you really dare to eat this, such a big oyster?Actually, I ’m not sure if I dare to eatbutBecause I really like eating. oystersBut such a big one, I'm not sureDo you want a full mouthful or two mouthfuls?


Should be able to split twoI'll catch it!How about this one bite !?Ok, he looks big,but basically you eat three.He's three oysters,is to eat three oystersNot so scaryand he tastes lighterthen he just added lemon.So nothing looks so amazing,he is not as I expected. .The kind insideblasting feelingIt feels crispyYummy!Not disgustingthis stall is better because he has a seat for you to sit and eat.So you can order some sashimi and sweet shrimp here.Eat here togetherI think it ’s delicious.He has a little soy milk and a little tofu,all kinds of bean flavorthen he's pretty solid.Solider than I expectedhe's very honestthere will be sound when knocked down.This is specialthis is OKtasty drink.Firewood soupnot let go.Right? Let go!So delicious!He sells thatYiwei powder and Qiwei powderbecause it is said that Qiwei powder was invented in Kyoto.So you want gingerstill the grapefruit taste is heavier.Still have to be spicycan talk to him.Then he will give you a customized Qiwei powder.Do you want to make your own spice?No!I just thought he was very interesting,the characteristic of traditional Kyoto's Shichimi ishe tastes less spicy.Because Kyoto dishes are lighter,so he will adjust it to be less spicy.Hey! This is panties!You don't want to dress at home,but I feel like going out soon,just walk around in these underwear.Really uncomfortablehe applies both to MOCHIis the glutinous rice.But the one above him is softhe made mochi into senbei.Yes * 3 he made mochi from senbei,but the row below him is crisp.Then but his upper row is soft,it ismore chewyhis base is soy sauce.It tastes softer than QQI feel quite special.It tastes likeSenbei after being exposed to moisture for too long.Not crispyis not it.Yes yes yes!But it ’s more Q.I think the damp senbei will make you feel fresh.But it's fresh tasteanyway, you want to try at home.Just put the senbei outside for a week.Nothing like this.Just call oneMiso, soy sauce.So hot!It's hot, I don't know how to get it!Just pinch it,but I want to take it!So amazing!It's not very Q mochi.Its sauce is really delicious,its miso taste is quite light, sweet and salty.A little sticky.So which one is betterI think this is more tiring.Because this staying power will have oneSweetnessGrilled river fish specialty store.Then the fish is full of eggs,it has vinegar for you.Where's the egg?No eggs?Liga Wow!Luck is not good this one has fewer eggs.Are you sure this is eggy?Don't you say that each one has it?(Crystal)But it ’s delicious!It is fragrantthey baked it with a long sigh.That Abe roasted over therebut it's thorny.It's a soft thorn but it's long.So if you swallow, you still need a little skill.Your favorite store beforeit's too young to wear now.But I still wear it.Yes indeed! You are still wearingI prefer the latter one.He watched this cartoon beforeis he not monkey enough?(This must be a fitness equipment)(Lower back muscles!)You come down!Thank you ~It this?This is sprinkled on the rice.So fragrant!Real or fake.Sprinkle on rice and serve with a half-boiled egg.Super fragrantI have never had such fragrant white sesame seeds.With dried catfish in it!No wonder it's fresh,It's so cute. It also draws a comic very carefully.Tell you how it should be eaten!Hi ~ Hi ~ Hi ~He ~ thin and dead.Everyone obviously has English !!!If you come to Nishiki and finish eating, leave.Then it's not level.You should pay a visit to this shrineKamtenmangu.It's kind of likeWenchang Temple in Taiwan.It worships a former poet and a highly regarded scholar.

Many of their students come here before the exam.The cool thing is that you see the torii above him.Its Torii was built in 1935.Then come to sell some temples..So his two torii are now on the second floor.On the second floor of these two buildings.Are you saying there is still inside?It ’s inserted into the second floor.After entering, you must touch the cow firstit will be lucky after touching it.It can cure headaches when you touch it.Pregnant woman touching her belly will ensure her fetus is safe.Wait a minute!Are you serious or funny?If you want to be funny, I will say:He touched his head for a headache.He touches his butt and also has a headache.Why is touching the butt also a headache?Not many people have pain in their buttocks.So this function is not attached,it's a fortune telling machineIt's the mechanical lion jumping them.Traditional court dance,so after you put money in, you can choose.What do you want it to beit will pick up one for youHe meant that your time should come.Then but.No but okay.He wants you to look in the mirror first,is it standard?He looks in the mirrorand want your heart to be right.If the mind is not right.He has a lot of opinions,this is their special feature,buy this with him,you can write your wish on paper.Put in this plumand then put it on this tree.Because the God here is alivelove plum tree.Before he was offended,he also read a song with his own tree.His own poem because he is a poet.He just said:After he finished readinghis wife stood next to him and told him.You have n’t written anything for a long timeand then hit him.It's really big here.It has something to eat then,you can buy clothesand then therevery old temple to worship.And it ’s not afraid of rain, like it ’s raining again today.You can walk like this indoors,then it's quite comfortableit's not just Nishiki himself.He threw out one more,in such a temperament placeyou do n’t have a more temperamental word to use.You said that road came out.Annoying!Then Le?It threw out another one called.This oneShopping StreetI want to be a handsome guy!This one sells donutsit's so cool too.It sublimates eating donuts like sushi.Is sitting on the bar and lifting it.Then you can watch them make donuts.It doesn't taste likeAverage donut,I think it tastes a bit sloppy.Because it ’s so crispy.Then it looks more like cake.I think it's delicious.It's not so sweet than I expected,then it's a crumble fernanx.But it looks like a donut.It's crispy on the outside and then on the inside.Much like brownieit also has some nuts in it!Not so sweet, it's pretty goodtastes healthier.It's a delicious chocolate cake .This is OK!This is really pretty push!

He thought it was a game console.He thought it was a capsule machine.

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