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Excited to be pregnant again


What's wrong?Nothing.Sleep.It's been six weeks, come back in half a month, I'll build you a file.

What is the condition of the fetus?Not bad.

But I look at your case, you're RH- negative blood,And you had a miscarriage,Pregnant women who has RH-negative bloodThe chance of hemolysis to the second child is higher than the first child,So the risk of miscarriage is higher.And , your endometrium is not very thickThe flat tire is not very stableSo you need to pay more attention when you get home.Okay,thank you doctor.The main thing is to stay happy and not to give yourself too much pressure.I'll give you some progesterone and you take it regularly.Okay.I don't want to go out.Why are you so lazy these days?I asked you to come out several times.Maybe because the weather has warmed up recently,

I'm always tired.You can think of many reasons.Okay, okay, then you can rest,I'll ask you out later.Mother-in-law's recipe is so thoughtful.She wrote down what is your family's favorite food,what is your family's don't like to eat.It's just a recipe book,you think too much.But I really miss my grandmother's cooking.She was laborious.She has done so much for our family and for me.I'll take care of you in future.Tian YouWhat's wrong?You have a stomachache?Take me to the hospital.Don't worry, Mr. Cheng.Your wife suffered a slight hemorrhage this time due to too much pressure.There's nothing wrong with the baby.Pay more attention to rest after discharge.Thank you doctor.I'm afraid...make you happy in vain.You know you scared the shit out of me?

I've saidChildren are just icing on the cake for us。I know you want to be a dad.I want to be a mother, too.But I was really scared.I'm afraid he'll leave us again.You're the only thing I can't lose.You've been wronged this time,And no matter what happens later,I will accompany you.Always with you.This thing,could you please not tell grandpa now?We can tell him when the time is right.

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