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Treatment of infantile eczema, urinary rash and Arnebia oil


Newborn babies are prone to eczema and rash. How is it treated? .Generally speaking, it is not very serious, and doctors have suggested applying wisteria oil to the affected area. However, the price of comfrey oil is very expensive. A bottle of comfrey oil shown below is about 38 yuan.In fact, you can make osmanthus oil yourself at home, the production is very simple, the price comes down, like the picture above, only a few dollars.

How to do it? . 1) Go to a pharmacy to find a Chinese medicine store and buy 10 grams of comfrey, which is about 8 cents.2) Buy 3 or 2 sesame oils. 3) Take a container, put the purple grass, pour the sesame oil on the purple grass, and cover it.4) Put it in a pot and steam for half an hour.Effect of comfrey oil.Confidential delivery, eczema skin crusts, corpus callosum, crusts, itching, continued use can relieve acute skin itching, bacterial redness, etc. Herbal extraction, mild non-irritating, hormone-free, safe and harmless [Buy 2 Get 1 Free Buy 5 get 3.Recommended reason: doctors approved, pure Chinese medicine without hormones, good effect, does not repeat, improve skin texture, remove eczema! Hormone-free antipruritic mouth rash and milk ringworm! Available for both adults and children, it can quickly resolve dermatitis, eczema, acne, acne, ringworm of the hands and feet, athlete's foot, and itching of the skin; mildly does not hurt the skin and prevents recurrence!

This product is rich in fresh milk, emollient oil, vitamins and a variety of trace elements. It is mild in quality, suitable for children's delicate skin, nourish and moisturize the skin, and enhance skin elasticity. The skin is often soft, smooth, tender and healthy!

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