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Medlar + egg! The salvation of myopia and presbyopia is here! It's better than medicine surgery!


Goji berries + eggs! The savior of myopia and presbyopia is here! More effective than medication surgery!

No myopia, no astigmatism, no aging, and a healthy life! But many people put on their glasses against their wishes, and when they saw a teenager in their teens, they put on small glasses.The cause of worrying eyesight is simple. In addition to the unhygienic factors of the eyes, the unreasonable diet is one of them.Eye protection "two treasures": wolfberry & eggs. 1. Eye-protection effect of wolfberry. To brighten your eyes, drink medlar soup often.The content of zeaxanthin in wolfberry is quite abundant, which can accumulate on the retina, thereby reducing external eye irritation and protecting the optic nerve.Therefore, the eye protection effect of wolfberry is beyond doubt. Second, the eye protection effect of eggs.

Egg yolk also contains zeaxanthin, and egg yolk contains unsaturated fatty acids, which can carry carotenoids. It also has a very good effect on protecting eyesight, even better than carrots.A handful of wolfberry and an egg: a magical medicated bowl. 

1. Lycium barbarum is softened with water.

2. Eggs are scooped into a bowl.

3. Add double warm water and a little salt and stir well.

4. Use a colander to filter out the foam on the surface of the egg liquid.

5. Bring the pan to a boil after the water is boiling and cover it with plastic wrap.

6. Wait for the egg liquid to semi-solidify, remove the cling film, add wolfberry, and steam for 2 minutes.

7. Drop a little grind sesame oil out of the pot.Efficacy: Lycium barbarum steamed eggs belong to recipes for nourishing blood, nourishing the body and nourishing yin.Eating wolfberry steamed eggs once a week can treat myopia, presbyopia, and eye fatigue.

Wolfberry steamed eggs can also improve night blindness caused by eye fatigue and vitamin A deficiency. Hurry up and share it with your friends! .

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