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Sunny Yummy running toys --Halloween


t are you going to introduce today?This is the Halloween series!Komori Bear Comprehensive Candy.This is a bagIt's pumpkin headThis is a pirate ship!skull!Then the candy in them.My sister ’s bag is like this.What about sister?My sister's a bag of plastic cansSo let ’s open it and see if it ’s good,it is good.I seem to smell the milk candy.So many ~This is different.Sister has one, only one of this kind of candy.Let ’s open it and see what ’s good?You pick the toys you want (should be candy),I want this.Sister says she wants this.This is pinkA box.Looks like something rustling, let ’s open it and take a look.It's a small piece of candy!Sweet and sourSo many.Sister, do you want which one?Tasty?Sister, is your candy delicious?My sister's this cow!open to take a look.Like milk candies inside.Sister, what you eat.Milk candy?Mom pinches a little.Milk candy.My sister chooses you.

Which one do you want?I have another.Sister, which one do you want?Oh! Sister wants purple.Open it and see if it's okay?This is purple!There is a little character on it.The whole feels stiff.what is this?Come to my sister.I want to eat ~It's a bit like toffee with a filling in the middle, like coffee flavor.Is the Halloween snack fun?Very funny.There are many flavors in it, right?Correct!But ah ~ children should eat less candy!Right?Correct.What to say on Halloween?Trick or treat?

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