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You don't have to force yourself to do what you're not good at! Focus more on "strengths"


Everyone has "weak things"

Whether you're studying or playing sports, you'll be very happy when you can do things that you haven't been able to do before. At the same time, we are often told to do our best so that we can overcome our weaknesses.

It's a little different from my childhood. What is "weak" for adults?

When you are a child, of course, it is considered that "growing up" and "making an effort" are good even when you grow up. Certainly, children who have a lot of potential from now on may be more beneficial in the future if there are few areas they are not good at.

On the other hand, what about adults? Efforts to eliminate weak areas in work and housework are important. However, if you are in parallel with what you need to do now, it will take too much time, and you may not be able to go sooner or later.

In addition, the degree of the person level in the place where it overcomes by making an effort... What if you can't compete with someone who is good at it? I think the effect of adults trying to be weak at the expense of other things is too small.

There are things that I am as good at as I am!

Everyone has a weak field, but everyone should have something that they are good at in the same way. It is growth to be able to do what cannot be done, but it is also growth to be able to do what can be done further.

Focus on what you can do and think about how to make the most of things. Don't you think that it is more effective than taking time to overcome weak points, and that fun spreads easily?

Let's make the most of our strengths in housework.

As for the housework that you have the right to decide, let's thoroughly omit the field that you are not good at. If you are not good at cooking, you can use home delivery and side dishes, or rely on convenient cooking utensils.

If you are not good at cleaning, there is a way to outsource to a cleaning robot or sometimes a professional. Rather than thinking that you don't like what you're not good at, you can focus on your area of expertise in your spare time.

To make the most of your strengths in your work, start by sending out

Some people are good at making ideas, while others are better at doing detailed office work on their computers. There is no problem if the right person is placed in the right place, but it is not so easily.

Unlike housework, in order to make the most of your strengths in a job that you don't have the right to make decisions, you need to let people know that you are not good at this, but you are good at this.

"I'm not good at this," he said, "I'm better at this place than worrying alone or struggling to overcome it. I'm confident in this."

If possible, if you can get someone to replace you or help you with what you're good at, you can take on what you're good at, and you'll be able to work with each other's benefits.

If that doesn't work, you might want to change departments, or start looking outside to see if there's a place where you can work in a way that suits you better.

Even if you can't do it, it's OK! Let's focus on what we can do.

I'm sure everyone is not good at having something. Let's take the plunge and put into words that we can't do what we can't do. At the same time, try to appeal, "I'm good at this instead."

People make use of their diversity and compensate for the bumps of each other by their individuality. Let's think that it is good if it turns well on the whole. Rather than trying hard to do something you can't do, it's better to know what you can do and what you are good at, and improve it.

Let's focus more on what we can do than what we can't do. It would be great if I could move forward more and more with one thing: "I have this, I'm good at this"!