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Do you know the general maintenance procedures for girls


Some girls commented that they wanted to know the maintenance procedures and makeup steps after I got up.So for today ’s video, I ’ll start with washing my face after getting up.In fact, I used to wash my face with face wash only at night before.But then I found out that you also use a cleaning product in the morning.If you focus onYour T-shaped area has enlarged pores and less acne.So, I will start washing my face。Then I washed my face that morning. The main enhancement was in my T-shaped part.The first step of washing your face is to wash the T part.Then in fact, the facial cleanser does not need to stay on the face for too long.I rub part of my face a little.Okay, you can flush. That's right.Then it is important that your water temperature is preferably below 40 degrees.Don't use too highThen look for clean towels.Wipe your hands and faceI said that it ’s best to take care within five to ten minutes after washing your face.But usually your hands are the cleanest after washing your faceIt is best to wear contact lenses at this time.So I will put a bottle of spring water near the sink.Slightly spray your face.Keep your face wetThen the skin won't become too dry.Okay, then I will wear contact lenses.Usually if you use daily throws, you can just tear it open and use it.But recently I used monthly throws.If it ’s a month, I usually put a date on the contact lens.So that I can remember when the expiration date of this pairOK, the contact lens water we use now is this one from Haichang.He can directly replace the saline solution.So he is equal to the maintenance solution plus salinea bottle is simple.A bottle of him is probably about a week.You will be able to use a fresher and cleaner conditioner.Take out a piece of contact lens and put it in your palm.Then pour the maintenance liquid on.Gently scrub with fingertips.Then I will change the clean water again.Then I put the contact lens on my finger and touch it slightly.Use up excess water.

In this way, you will have a higher chance of success in wearing contact lenses.Putting the contact lens on his finger, he still shows a circular shape.Then open your eyes and put inpush the contact lens up a bit.So you can wear it.Then the one I wear now is Qi Fu Li's ... What's golden?I used to like Chiyoda Brown.That color is so pretty, he is pink.But after I introduced,I can't buy him if I go to Watsons myself.If I knew it, I would stock a few more boxes before telling you.Who bought my degree.It turned out that he only had deep myopia on the closet.There is no 100, 150, 125.I do n’t want to wear another degree.Ok so i am wearing gold now.Actually it looks pretty good.Ok!If you go to Watsons and you see Chiyoda Brown.Then it happens to be your degree that you can try.Because I think that color is really beautiful,I ’m wearing contact lenses, and I ’m going to take care of it.Then some people will ask how to clean the contact lens case.Actually I just drain the water.After washing it with water a little, you can just let him dry it.Then when it ’s going to be used at night.You can use your conditioner again.RushDrain.And then install the cleanser.You can take care of your contact lensesit is good,I'm going to take care now.The reason to wear contact lenses before maintenance is becausesometimes when you are applying care products.Maybe you have lotion, lotion or even sunscreen on your hands.If you wear contact lenses again, he may get contaminated on them.So your process of wearing contact lenses may not be so comfortable.No way to make your contact lenses comfortable all day.So I suggest everyone just wash your face.Put on contact lenses when you have the cleanest hand.So what I ’m going to use today is this Jiyan,I also recommend it to basically everyone.Because the basic skill of maintenance is moisturizing.Then this bottle is mainly moisturizing and the ingredients are very simple,I like to study some foreign countries recentlyDiscussion of ingredients.Then he basically got a healthy evaluation.OK, then I usually tap directly with my hand.What about this one?He is relatively less likely to be absorbed immediately.So you will feel a little sticky.But it ’s okay, he wo n’t be like this after a while.What about lotion?You can apply lotion or cream.Or maintenance oil to lock your moisture,I have recently used this maintenance oil from L'Occitane.

I think he's pretty moist.But because the unit price is relatively high, it may not be the same as mine.You can choose the right lotion or cream for yourself.Then of course if your skin is really dry and you also like oil maintenance.You can try this bottle,I think it works pretty well.After the maintenance, it is necessary to wipe off the sun.Then I am currently using the Shiseido series.But I remember it was ZA.So if it ’s a petty bourgeoisie.If you want to find cheap and easy to use, you can go to ZA.They also have a bottle.Is the sunscreen,you can try,it is goodI usually put it on my neck after I finish painting my face.Give your neck some sun protection.So that your neck will not get tanned, but your face will be white.Then you put on your base makeup,I might think why is this white neck black?It doesn't look good like thisSo you need to protect your neckOkay, we can start applying makeup.What about the base makeup today?I will pick my favorite air cushion recently.The fourth generation of IOPE.This generation, he launched four models at once.In my own words, it ’s because there are many small spots.So I would recommend everyone to try it is the ultimate concealer.He has high concealment and then.Makeup is a comparison.Shiny one,but he felt refreshing and not sticky after putting on makeup.So I really like the recommendations you can try.The color number I use is 21N.Then it ’s like summer is coming soon.It ’s easier to sweat and greasy, so if you are afraid that your base makeup will become muddy.You can try it out.This one has a misty makeup lookvery good oil control.Basically it doesn't matter if you go out all dayYou can clearly feel that he is very thinBut the concealment is highSee, after just one tap.He naturally treats my blemishes.Solved!Then there are some small acne on the foreheadOkay, now I'm half-facedYouyi obviously feels that his makeup is natural.Okay, now I'm done on my face.Makeup feels natural and sheerI actually think he can use the 23rd color.Because I used his 23, it ’s natural.21 is a little whiter.But if you want to make your skin look whiter,You can choose a little white color number is okay.Anyway, you will do other makeup steps later.OK, then if you want to use an air blush or blush cream or something like that.Will be used now.Then I like IOPE No. 1 pale pink very much.Its color will be natural and suitable for novices. It is not easy to use too heavy.Because the blush with air cushion powder and air cushion is less likely to clump.Your base makeup and blusher will be combined perfectly.If you have some dark circles,Or is it the problem of acne?You have to hurry.Covers dark circles perfectly.Then there is this little red bean on the forehead.Then there are quite a lot of fixed products.If you need a high degree of concealment, you can choose powder or honey powder.If you want his makeup to be thin and natural,You can use some transparent powder that is like white or light skin tone.All right.Which one to choose is based on your financial situation anduse habits to choose.If it ’s like some newbie or student.

In fact, I really recommend you to go to the open rack to choose.Some Japanese brands of honey powder or powder powder.Basically I do n’t think there will be any problems.Because fixing is not a difficult task,Just don't affect your previous makeup effect.Then I use this honey powder from Too Cool For School today.I think there are some detailed sequins in it.It's pretty good with air cushion powderIt ’s the same as if he finished his makeup with a slight glossiness.Is more natural,that or if you want to choose nectar.But you do n’t know what to put on makeup with powder.You can find this one is the secret of Hollywood.One of them is a huge powder puff.You can pour your powder into it.Then use it for makeup.Ah, if you have a choice barrier.In fact, you can directly choose ZA powder or honey powder.That's what I have been using since my student days.It's quite recommended.For the makeup part, I usually start with the sides of my cheeks.This way you can prevent your hair from getting stained.And then there are important T-shaped parts,I will press the T-shaped part.This will make the makeup last longer.Then I set my makeup around my eyes.In this way, your subsequent eye makeup is less likely to be spent.In addition to setting makeup, I also like to use my fingersSlightly wipe off any excess makeup on the eyelids.This way, you wo n’t find it when you apply makeup later.It looks like there is a jam in your eyelid folds.So that your eye makeup will last longer,it is goodThen if you are older or have obvious decree.Please also make makeup decree.This will smoothen the feeling of your decree lines .Okay, basically, the makeup is done.Because I use the long-lasting powder mist of IOPE today.He basically does n’t need makeup.It ’s just that if you go out for a long time.Then, if you are afraid of sweating, you can set your makeupThis will make the makeup last longer.OK, basically after finishing the makeup.The other makeup steps are not so rigid.You have to draw eyebrows first, or eyeliner and eyeshadow, then blush to brighten up.You can change the order as you like.Will create a different look and feel.

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