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What's the difference between finger oil and universal cream? How to use it? How to buy?


How to do finger maintenance? I would like to recommend three products to you today. I hope they can help you.

What is the difference between finger oil and universal cream?And how to use it?Product itemUniversal cream.Finger oil 10ml.Finger oil 30ml.This is the top three products that we are invincible.Especially the universal cream.Is a very important part of our nail correction.Product origin.When we first openedthe finger oil we use.Is available on the market.Most of them are made for general customers.It contains a lot of chemical preservatives.There is also a relatively heavy fruit acid.There is also a relatively heavy fruit acid.The reason why the general finger oil will put fruit acid is because.They want to soften the old dead skin around the fingertips.So use fruit acid to strengthen this part of the metabolism.


For the average user.After metabolizing hard and thick skin,they can easily grow new skin.Feel more tenderI think that bottle is very effective.But the problem is the customer of nail correction.The skin around his nails has been messed up.Biting a mess,if you use fruit acid for treatment at this time,Instead, it will make the skin around his nails.Inflammation is more serious,but very few on the market.It should be said that there is almost no.Finger-free products without fruit acid.Again, there is a great possibility of chemical preservatives.Will make the damaged skin more irritated.Later, I had to develop my own finger oil.Then we have this after this.Some customers think that the amount of brush is too small.They want to use a lot.So we have this bottle again.After the finger oil was provided for a while.Slowly reach out to more serious customers.In order to satisfy customers.We have developed a universal cream.Way of useFinger oil, it is liquid.So we helped it with a brush head.What are the benefits of the brush?It can be applied directly around your nails.You can even apply it inside your fingers.

Especially there are some customers.His fingers are especially deep.You can take this brush when the meat is shrinking.Brush inside the finger.This is a very very effective practice.Later, a squeeze bottle.Some customers are basically not so serious.Their approach is to put the finger oil.Squeezed in the hand.Use the finger to smudge it.Then rub it on the whole hand.One hand cream,I also use it as a finger oil.For some customers who are busy with work,This is equal to one or two seconds to make the foundation of the handle moisturize.So 30ml of finger oil is also very popular.Then let's look at the universal cream.Universal cream itself is a product of cream,The ingredients here are.Beeswax, jojoba oil and cocoa butter.Beeswax jojoba oil cocoa butter.Especially beeswax and jojoba oil, it constitutes a paste.Can form a protective film on our skin.So its moisturizing effect is particularly good.And also lasting.Then if you say that you often touch water or alcohol.It can also support a little longer.Not so easy to be washed off.It is actually used with your fingers.Use the back to dig a little bit.One hand is about the size of a rice grain.You can wipe all the fingers.So much, take it to the side.This is the usage of the universal cream.The difference between finger oil and universal cream.The advantage of the universal cream is that it has a strong moisturizing ability.Then it stays longer.But its downside is because it is creamy.So it can't be like a brush.Brush it inside your finger.It can't be very accurately brushed into the finger groove.The advantage of finger oil isMoisturizing ability is not so good.But it can be brushed to a very small place.So sometimes I encounter more serious customers.

We are recommending two things.Strong protection around the fingertips.Finger flesh below the nail.Especially the deep inside.Need to brush it in with a finger brush.Saving method and shelf lifeNi Baby’s product has a very special place.That is, we did not put chemical preservatives.We also did not put acid.So after saying that our products are opened,It will run out in three months.In the absence of opening.Place indoors, at room temperature, in a cool place.About half a year.If you don’t use it for a long time.Can ice it to the refrigerator.Refrigerated!It can take about a year.When the product color looks lighter.Or when the taste begins to have a fuel smell.That means it has started to break.Don't use it anymore.Especially the finger oil often encounters this situation.When we take it out.Will put the dander and dirty things back into the bottle.It will be the fastest in use.That usually speaking.In the case of rubbing 10 times a day10ml will run out in a month.We have a lot of products for our baby.Are designed to run out in 1 month.Including the universal cream.Then what do you say 30ml of finger oil?In fact, it is also 1 month.Because the brush is only a little bit.But the pressure head bottle is pressed a lot when it is pressed.It is a bit like using a hand cream.Of course!It can take about three months in real time.Because there is a lot of essential oil inside to protect.

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