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How to make your car look like a turbine


No ca$h, but stillwanna have turbo ?Wanna havethat signature sound ?Don't rob a bank!Just spend MYR 10 - 20 !Here is a gift from a fan !He claim that by installing this ...... your car will upgradeup to 30 hp !Let's unbox !Still in pieces...This is the legendary- turbo whistle !SO what if you're broke ?!We will upgrademy Vios ......*sound like*-----...*sound like* turbo !After the installation,I'm gonna show it to Jin !See how Jin react !Here is the whistlethat plays the sound !Boss, help me with this ?- Put that shit away !I thinkthe direction are wrong !Should be like so...We clip it here ...LET'S DO THIS!

Now the "turbo"has been installed !We'll try does itsound like one !This is myunbiased review !BeforeAfter( Sounded same ? )I have the look !I have the sound !Let's try my new "turbo" !It *feels* morePOWER !At least +50 hp !The G-force, man !This is a "good" turbo !Now !I have a complete"turbo" set !By my estimates,I think my NA has +20 hp !At least 20 hp !Bro !I now haveturbo inside !Really ??See that !?TURBO!- It's ricer turbo !- But I can feel 30 hp !Bro, it's just a feeling !To upgrade hp,you need air cleaner & exhaust...- NO NEED !

All that stuff are justa hoax !This is true turbo !- Well, I'll says whateveryou pay me, bro !LOLCiao !If you like today's BS QCCS,like & share this video !Subscribe@ Hee Wei Seng !Of course,the whistle can't do sh*t !But it also can'tmake any sound !Is it stucksomewhere...I just can't hearany changes !If ya serious aboutupgrades...... do theintake & exhaust !( So stop ask me to upgrade, k ? )Should I remove it ?Just leave it !We can't see it anyway !Too much hassle !Leave it !After doing some research,I've done it all wrong !No wonder ...The whistle just sit there,no sign of sound at all !So now I've turnthe whistle around !See how she sounded !BeforeAfter( Nothing... )( Oh well... ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

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