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A perfect ski Backpack


Appi Plateau 2015Since the beginning of skiing,I've been looking for a backpack.2015 Appi Plateau, double skiing, no backpack.Endless search,Just for an ultimate perfect backpack.Almost perfect ski backpackThere are too many things to bring!Mobile phone, portable power, wallet.These can also be stuffed into pockets.Action camera,camera.Another action camera,Polaroid.These things are very stingy in the fortress pockets.

Have you ever had a good time drinking a cup of hot coffee in the snow?Vacuum flasks and drinking water are required.It's just that the thermos is really big, heavy and hard,I tried to put a thermos bottle in that kind of sports belt bag,"Don't dare" (Taiwan) after one fall.I still need a backpack.A backpack that allows me to take everything I want to bring up the mountain. (2017 Hoshino, first snowboard, small backpack)The coach said: backpacking affects movement.Especially for beginners. (Forever beginner)I think, in order to have a drink.No matter what matters. (Laughs) (This backpack was broken during the skiing)Cheap sporting goods store finds a ski backpack,899 yuan. (30USD)Cheap is its advantage,It is also its disadvantage.Too cheap to easily hit the bag.Needs a makeover.Step 1: Make a name template.Step 2: Go to a hardware store and buy cheap spray paint.Step three: Spray.The mezzanine above can hold some small things.

Analgesics, OK pop, (anti-fog spray, eye drops, wax, lip balm, etc.)This (backpack) is good because it has two layers.The middle layer can hold all camera equipment.It still looks flat.There is another layer here after all the stuffing.Form a sandwich.Water, thermos.It happens to be (caught) on both sides of the backpack.The best part is this one.This can put a lot of small things.But I have something to put!Egg head brother! Be sure to put it in!Tuck him into this small space.Perfect ski backpack.

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