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Self nursing of tonsil swelling

Self nursing of tonsil swelling

Hi my name is youhei ozaki.Thanks for look this video.This video talk about self care that swelling of the tonsils.At basically,improve blood flow of near places with abnormalities.Thereby do activate cell.Relevant things is muscle.I teach how to soften about many people the stiff muscle that don't notice.This time is soften muscle that behind lower jaw.At first,check self condition.

①To swallow the spit.Thereby check move of throat.

②pinch around throat by finger and move.

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③turn self neck up.Thereby check move of neck.

④turn the neck.Later is only do soften neck.Please rub lower jaw.But,Bone free part don't push.It is image that bone touch part push to the bone by your finger.So push and rub.It is image that flatten the bone's bumps.But you have to use finger belly.Because,in other method is so strong.Don't push in finger joint.Maybe cell will be hurt.It is skin or muscle.Important point is there is one more.Please don't push it all the time in same place.Do rub behind jaw also.Back teeth is similar.If you feel pain around the back teeth,it is not tooth decay.At basically,pain of when rubbed is stiff muscle.After a while,do check method that did it last time.

Please check ①~④.Maybe,you will feel change.Please try it.Thanks for look this video.See you!

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