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How does darling abdomen bilge gas do?


Baby stomach flatulence how to do?Baby stomach flatulence how to do.. Moms' improper feeding or eating can cause babies to bloat.So what should I do if my baby has flatulence ?. 

1. Nutritionally balanced diet ...If there is too much sugar in breast milk, the sugar is over-fermented in the baby's belly, and it is easy for the baby to have flatulence. At this time, mothers should pay attention to limiting their sugar intake.In addition, breastfeeding mothers should try to avoid foods that can cause the baby's flatulence, such as beans, corn, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and spicy foods.

2. Cultivate eating habits ... Don't starve your baby too long before feeding.Babies are too hungry for too long and will suck too much air when sucking.Therefore, it is necessary to feed the baby on time, and after feeding, pat the baby to let the gas in the stomach and the stomach be discharged from the esophagus.

3. Abdominal massage ... Moderate massage can promote bowel movements and ventilate, which can relieve the baby's stomach flatulence.The specific method is to wash your hands, and then use your palm to gently massage your baby's belly in a clockwise direction.Massage about 5 minutes each time.Keep your hands warm and moderate in strength, otherwise your baby may feel uncomfortable.

4. Seek medical attention for abnormal gas.If the baby's belly is swollen and hard, and the baby looks uncomfortable, and the spirit is not good, it is generally even worse with vomiting or wheezing. Parents should pay special attention and take the baby to the doctor for examination as soon as possible treatment.

5. Home care ...It is also helpful to use wind-repellent oil on the abdomen and cover it with a warm towel. These can help gastrointestinal motility and gas discharge to improve digestion and absorption.

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