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Learn how to steam spareribs in Cantonese style. 3 Jin spareribs are not enough

Learn how to steam spareribs in Cantonese style. 3 Jin spareribs are not enough

Pork ribs from the market. First, add 2 spoonfuls of potato starch.Grasp and toss this way to fully mix the starch with the pork ribs.This is a good way to wash off the blood from the pork ribs.Rinse a few times under running water.Like this, you see no blood, and that's it.Drain them.Let's prepare some chopped ginger (姜沫).We now season the pork ribs.Add a little salt,a spoonful of starch (淀粉),and a little cooking wine to remove the smell from meat.Further, add a spoonful of light soy sauce (生抽),a spoonful of oyster sauce (蠔油),and a little sugar, the amount according to your preferences.

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Mix well, and marinate for 2 hours in the fridge.This is betel nut taro (檳榔芋頭), a variety with a mealy texture.Let's cut it.Today we just use half of it.Cut it into small strips.Transfer and spread them over the bottom of the plate.[ Pork ribs have been marinated for 2 hours. ]We now marinate the ribs for the second time. Add a spoonful of starch,an appropriate amount of peanut oil,and a little white pepper.Mix well.Pile the pork ribs on top of the taro strips.Pour the remaining marinade over it as well.

After the water boils, place it in,and steam for 40 minutes over medium heat.Cooked in this way, the steamed pork ribs are especially tender.Let's look at the taro.The taro, absorbed all flavours of the meat juice, is especially savoury and mealy.(っˆڡˆς) " Yummy. "

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